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Crypto casinos for Whales

Online Casinos have a rich culture within the crypto world. They've been popular since SatoshiDice rolled out back in 2012 and brought a new value to what users could do with their cryptocurrencies. Due to their decentralized nature and lack of regulations, crypto casinos have become appealing to crypto whales for their many benefits. So today, we're going to look at the best crypto casinos for whales on offer.

No welcome offer
300% up to $20,000 (tiered)
up to 20% Cashback
500 Free Spins
200% up to 40 mBTC

Why crypto is better for Whales

Cryptocurrencies, in general, have multiple benefits that fiat currencies simply do not have. For example, depending on the cryptocurrency you're choosing, there are opportunities for pure anonymity (like Monero, XMR), highly scalable coins (like Matic), and cheaper fees than your local bank could allow. 

Banks can be a pain when it comes to depositing your funds onto a gambling website, and they might deem it untrustable. This problem intensifies when you're a high-roller and want to deposit more than a few thousand dollars. 

This is not an issue you have when it comes to crypto gambling. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, so you have full control over how you can handle them. This means faster transactions, easier deposits, and all control is in your hands! This means you can start your next gambling session faster than ever before. But where do you go?

What are Whales in crypto

If you’ve ever spoken to anyone about what affects the value of cryptocurrencies, you’re sure to come across the term ‘Crypto Whale’. A few of you may be thinking ‘What are whales in crypto?’, we’re not talking about a gigantic animal made of Bitcoin, but rather an individual who holds a lot of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto whales are some of the biggest players in the decentralized market, just one of their transactions has the power to affect the price of a cryptocurrency. This is simply due to their sizeable wallets and crypto whales tend to trade in millions of dollars.

Crypto casinos are one of the best places for a Bitcoin whale to turn a profit. These platforms allow a crypto whale to wager some of the highest betting limits and are completely anonymous, meaning the IRS won’t have anything to do with a player’s winnings.

So where does one find a casino for a Bitcoin whale?

Criteria to be considered a Great Whale casino

We’ve found several online casinos that wager to crypto whales needs, but not all of them are good, so we took a few factors into play when searching for some of the best high-roller casinos. Here's how we made our picks.   

  • Limits: As a crypto whale, we can only imagine the frustration one feels when hitting a limit on a bet you want to place. Having a casino that limits you can be the difference in whether you play there or not. So as we're looking for the best whale casinos, we are looking for the highest limits possible. This is for deposit, withdrawal, and bet/winnings limits. We looked at websites that provide for at least $20,000 base bets.  

  • Speed: When you want to play a few casino games, jumping right into the gameplay as soon as possible is important. If you're stuck sitting and waiting for funds to appear in your account for an unnecessary amount of time. We're looking for casinos offering instant deposits where you only need one confirmation before funds show in your account.

  • KYC: Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements can often feel unnecessary and invasive. However, casinos that don't require any KYC are often unregulated, and this means they could easily pull an exit scam. So we're looking for regulated crypto casinos that have low but fair KYC requirements for whales.

  • Reputation: Scams, hoax websites, and difficulty withdrawing funds are some things we have to avoid. A casino's reputation tells the unspoken truth of whether it’s safe to use. So we had to look at the crypto casino's age, license, sponsors, regulators, and the overall comments from the community.

  • Fees, Rewards, and Bonuses: If you're a whale bringing a large sum of money to a casino, you want to find the best bonuses for your money that will increase your potential winnings. We will look into a few factors: the crypto casinos Rakeback, the house edge on games, deposit bonuses, VIP programs, and similar. 

The top five crypto casinos for Whales

Using the criteria above, along with the website's user-friendliness and its design, we took our time to find the best crypto casinos with high betting limits that cater specifically to whales. Here's a list of the best crypto casinos for whales!

1) NitroBetting (Best for US & CA)

Game dependant up to $50,000 per bet.
KYC Requirements
Established in 2012, NitroBetting has a strong track record for timely payouts and is licensed by Costa Rica’s gaming authority
Accepted Currencies
Whale Noteworthy Bonuses
  • 5 Star VIP program
  • 15% cashback
  • 100% deposit match up to 25 mBTC

Established in 2012, has been around for more than a decade. The Bitcoin casino was designed by crypto gamblers with crypto whales in mind. This means they include top-tier features such as "Instant deposits" after a single confirmation, provably fair gameplay for trustability, and 100% anonymity for those who would like to stay private with their funds. This also means that you can play with crypto from the US.

Nitrobetting allows for crypto gambling for the following categories:

When you start playing at NitroBetting, you’ll have the option to deposit 6 different cryptocurrencies, to which the Bitcoin equivalent will be credited to your account. Players will be limited to the Bitcoin equivalent of $50,000 (depending on the game you're playing.) However, they do state in the NitroBetting T&Cs that users can contact support to increase their personal limits. 

They do not include any deposit fees and will only apply withdrawal fees if they find "an account is not in compliance with our rules, fair play or valid action requirements."

2) (Best User Experience)

Up to $100,000
KYC Requirements
ID Card, Proof Of Address
Established in December 2013 and was the first fully regulated by Curaçao
Accepted Currencies
Whale Noteworthy Bonuses
  • 20% cashback up to 25,000 USDT, and 10% thereafter
  • A decent loyalty program, and decent rewards catered to high-rollers has been around for quite some time and has proven itself to be one of the best high rollers’ crypto casinos out there. BitCasino was the first crypto casino to be fully regulated. Although they do require KYC, they have a high bet limit and a plethora of games for crypto whales to enjoy. 

The crypto casino includes a live casino, thousands of slot games, and multiple provably fair games to choose from. In addition to these advantages, their games often hold less than a 1% house edge. There are often poker and other game-specific tournaments for their high rollers. 

Additional benefits include a personal BitCasino manager, invitations to prestigious events (such as the Ultimate F1 Experience in Singapore), and multiple additional cashback, promotions, and a 1 million USDT withdrawal limit. According to their website, Bitcasino gives away over €2,000,000 in prizes to VIPs every month!

To gather these VIP benefits, you first need to prove yourself as a crypto whale, but once you do make it into the VIP club, you'll be experiencing some of the best rewards out there.

3) Stake (Best VIP program)

Up to $1,000,000
KYC Requirements
ID Card, Proof Of Address
A great reputation and one of the largest communities in the crypto gambling world
Accepted Currencies
20 Cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, DOGE, ETH, EOS, LTC, USDT, and TRX 
Whale Noteworthy Bonuses
  • Best VIP program
  • Customized benefits
  • 10% Rakeback
  • 200% deposit bonus up to $2,000
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses is easily the most popular crypto casino for high-rollers. They've partnered with the likes of Drake, the rapper who wagered over one Billion dollars at in July 2022. All across youtube, there are some videos where well-known crypto whales like Trainwreckstv, Roshtein, and XQC walk away with wins in the millions. 

The reason Stake is the home to so many crypto whales is due to a few factors… its outstanding reputation, top-tier VIP programs, and thousands of game modes with bet limits of up to $1,000,000.

Here's a video of Drake winning $13 million in a single bet.

The website offers award winning customer service, a personal VIP host for High-Rollers, up to 15% in Rakeback once you've reached a certain level. 

However, the biggest website does not make it the best of them all. This is why we're placing Stake at number 3 on our list of the best crypto-gambling websites for whales. can be a bit invasive with its enforced KYC requirements.

4) Crypto.Games (Best Limits)

KYC Requirements
ID Card, Proof Of Address, Mobile Number
Established in 2014, Crypto.Games has an excellent 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot
Accepted Currencies
Whale Noteworthy Bonuses
  • Monthly Wagering contests
  • Personalised rewards
  • A lower house edge of 0.8% for all games
  • Personalised manager

Crypto.Games are easily one of the best crypto casinos available and have been around since 2014. The website does not offer the most modern user interface, but the website works flawlessly and is extremely user-friendly. Every Crypto.Games game on the website are 100% provably fair, and the website has proven itself as one made by the people for the people. 

They offer exclusivity and great rewards to crypto whales who join the website. Bitcoin whales can place bets up to 20 BTC (which is about $882,900). Crypto.Games do not offer the greatest rewards in comparison to some of its competitors, but it offers a lower house edge. This is significant when it comes to high-rollers as you want to know you'll get the most out of each bet and the highest chances of walking away with some profit. 

Although the Crypto.Games rules claim that KYC may be requested if necessary. This is because they're licensed by Curaçao. But they did not force us into uploading documents. We haven't seen many reports of users needing to do so, either.

5) BC.Game (Best Product Overall)

Can Be Wavered For VIPs, starting at $20,000 - $500,000 game dependant
KYC Requirements
Only on request: ID Card, Address
Started in 2017, but has grown to one of the most reputable websites. Partnered with Argentina FC, Cloud9 Gaming, and various other reputable sources
Accepted Currencies
BTC, ETH, XMR,, XRP, DOGE, USDT, and 100+ others
Whale Noteworthy Bonuses
  • First deposit: 180%
  • Second deposit: 240%
  • Third deposit: 300%
  • Fourth deposit: 360%

BC.Game has grown into one of the largest and most reputable crypto casinos, turning many heads including some of the biggest crypto whales in the business. The crypto casino provides the best user-experience in the business with thousands of games to choose from, a live casino, and a sportsbook section. 

If you're a crypto whale, you will want to automatically apply for their VIP program that provides whales with a unique "VIP Transfer Program", an exclusive host available to serve you at all stages on demand. 

With BC.Game certain whales that meet undisclosed criteria can waive the house edge, and unlock a near unlimited bet limit. But if you can't meet this, players can already place $20,000 bets on most games, and some sports allow for $500,000 bets without being a part of the VIP program. 

BC.Game already offers its users with exclusive prizes, tournaments, and jackpots, but playing as a whale also means invites to holidays, events, and exclusive parties. All these benefits made BC.Game the clear option to add to our list of crypto casinos for whales.

6) Cloudbet (Highest Betting Limits)

Players can win a maximum of €500,000. Cloudbets sportsbook limits players up to 12 BTC (higher upon request).
KYC Requirements
Only on request: Any documentation
Established in 2013, Cloudbet is considered one of the best crypto sports betting casinos and has gained a reputation for setting higher betting limits.  
Accepted Currencies
30+ cryptocurrencies including ADA, AVAX, BCH, BNB, BTC, DAI, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC + more
Whale Noteworthy Bonuses
  • 100% deposit match up to 5 BTC
  • 5-star VIP program
  • Seasonal promotions

Cloudbet has more than 10 years of betting experience and is regarded as the best sports betting crypto casino for whales. Players have access to thousands of live sports and scheduled events per week with exceptionally great odds. 

Cloudbet’s sportsbook is designed with crypto whales in mind and has a set betting limit of 12 BTC, with the option to increase the limit. But that’s not all, it also offers over 3,000 casino games, live casino, and enhanced RTP games with a low house edge. Additionally, player’s winnings are set to a maximum of €500,000 per day. 

At Cloudbet high rollers are treated like royalty through their 5-star rated VIP program. The casino’s loyalty program features exclusive rewards with zero wagering requirements and the option of an account manager, which helps when you're dealing in millions.

Speaking of millions, Cloudbet’s 100% deposit match of up to 5 BTC is destined for crypto whales. Plus this high rollers’ crypto casino offers instant deposits and withdrawals, so there’s no chance of missing out!

7) 7Bit Casino

3 mBTC limit for slot games and 6mBTC limit for live games.
KYC Requirements
Documents required on request- Passport, ID document
Started in 2014, 7Bit Casino is licensed under Curacao and holds a fair reputation in the crypto community. It generally is quick to answer players complaints and address any concerns.
Accepted Currencies
Whale Noteworthy Bonuses
  • 325% deposit bonus up to 5.25 BTC +250 free spins
  • 20% Cashback

7Bit Casino is currently one of the oldest running crypto casinos and have been operating since 2014. Although the casino requires KYC verification, it claims to offer a secure and anonymous experience with instant payouts.

Crypto whales with a passion for gaming will find just about everything under the casinos gaming collection including a live casino, provably fair games, and some low house edge games. Furthermore, the casino sets some pretty high betting limits at 6 mBTC for live games and 3 mBTC for slots.

One of our favorite features of this casino is the amount of bonuses and promotions on offer. 7Bit establishes its self as a top crypto casino for whales with four deposit bonuses up to 5.25 BTC and 250 free spins. Let’s not forget the free spins and 20% cashback offer for VIP players.

7Bit accepts a wide variety of crypto casinos and therefore offers instant payouts for whales. The casino’s maximum withdrawal limit is set to €15,000 per month. However, VIP players can have the limit increased at the discretion of the casino.


The crypto world is filled with opportunities to make money, and a crypto casino is one of the fun ways to do this. High-rollers and crypto whales often don't have the opportunity to have a thrill and play a few good games in the crypto gambling world because most online casinos have low maximum bet limits. Whales also need to be extra careful when finding the crypto casino that suits them. Put some research into the website before adding your funds, but once you find the website that caters to you like no other, get lost in the gaming world and enjoy your thrill!


What is the best cryptocurrency for a whale to use for gambling?

Bitcoin is the most popular and highest-valued cryptocurrency used for gambling. However, crypto whales have begun to opt for other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, due to its increased transactional speed.

Which crypto casino do Bitcoin whales prefer? is one of the safest crypto casinos for whales to use. Despite the strict KYC policies, the casino offers incredible bonuses, and high betting limits. 

Which crypto casino had the biggest crypto jackpot?

Stake Casino is renowned for offering one of the biggest crypto jackpots. The casino features a wide selection of jackpot and enhanced RTP games for high rollers.

What are whales in crypto?

Whales in crypto or ‘crypto whale’ is a term used to describe an individual or an organization that possesses large sums of cryptocurrency.

Which crypto casino has the higher limits?

Crypto.Games offers some of the highest betting limits for high rollers. Players can wager up to 1 BTC on a variety of provably fair games.

Are crypto casinos for whales safe to use?

Yes, crypto casinos are one of the most secure online gambling platforms for players to use. Crypto casinos use advanced SSL encryption standards to safeguard user's data and information.

Which crypto casino allows the biggest cashout?

Nitrobetting is the best crypto casino for withdrawals. Unlike most casinos, it doesn’t set a limit on withdrawals.

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