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Aiming for practically useful reviews that will help the player in making the right crypto casino pick and guide his first steps, the iPlayCrypto team conducts real casino tests ensuring the authenticity and trustfullness of our claims.

Apart from popularly advertised information like welcome bonuses, ingame offers, available cryptocurrencies, number of game providers or country availability, we go deeper, revealing information that players will not read elsewhere. We focus on aspects such as methods and speed of transactions, anonymity and VPN usage availabilty, community reputation, limits, provably fair games and of course, fun.

Understanding the difficulties players face in choosing a crypto casino and the shady reputation that surrounds them, we review exclusively trusted casinos encouraging safe play. The trustworthiness of our reviews is guaranteed thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team in both the crypto and gambling space and their objectivity thanks to our ranking algorithm. 

Our approach is the following: 

  1. We find a crypto casino which we haven’t reviewed and we like.

  2. We have the players' experience. We create an account, make our deposit, play around a bit and withdraw, should we win of course.

  3. After acquiring a first taste, we start digging. Chatting with the customer support, reading closely the terms and conditions and investigating the crypto community’s feedback.

  4. Once the first version of the review is ready, it is reviewed by a second author to make sure of the legitimacy of the original text.  

It is very important to mention that while we aim for a neutral stance, we also provide readers with our opinions as well which we consider very important part of our work. What makes iPlayCrypto special is that we originate from the crypto gambling industry. Sharing our insider’s knowledge might make some comments seem biased but should anything like that happen, it will be a result of personal experiences and not of a biased approach. 

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Summing-up, on IPlayCrypto we don't care about many reviews but good reviews of trusted casinos. Consequently, elsewhere you might be able to find more crypto casinos. Here you will find the best crypto casinos. We review based on quality, not quantity.

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