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Roulette, Blackjack, Keno, Video Poker, Lottery, Dice, Crypto games
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Cryptos, Credit/Debit Card
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Min-Max deposit 0.001 - Unlimited BTC
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Crypto.Games Crypto Casino Comprehensive Review

CryptoGames is a strictly Crypto casino with a built-in currency converter. They have Provably Fair games and once you click on “Play Now” on their home page you are automatically prompted to select a currency of your choice while playing “Dice”. They also show you the game edge before you select the game which is a good feature for when you are not too sure what you feel like playing.

They strictly do not allow play from the USA so you will need to head to your VPN to play at this casino. You are welcomed with a clean symmetrical orange, black and white website when opening it up for the first time. They boast “Simple, social and most importantly entertaining!” so let’s give it a shot. 

Account set up

Their registration form is pretty simple, you need to select a Nickname, or you can use the one preselected by them for you to use.

Once you have successfully registered the account, you will need to set up your account with your email address, password and add the 2FA if you wish. Their layered security settings do build up trust with the protection of your information and safety of the account being a priority.

Once you have completed the account set up you will receive a verification email in your selected inbox which runs you through their terms and conditions again.


  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies accepted on a single account

  • The casino is simple to understand

  • Fast crypto cashout times

  • You can select the fees you pay on your cashout by use of a slider facility

  • Community chat available

  • Extensive VIP Membership

  • Account safety is a priority


  • Strictly does not accept USA players

  • KYC is possibly requested if any potentially suspicious activity is seen on your account

  • Does not accept Fiat currency

  • Very limited set of games available


CryptoGames runs weekly promotional challenges for players. These run like daily leaderboards which can be game or currency specific. These change weekly and you can keep up to date with them on their calendar provided on their website. They release the promotions one week at a time so you can’t really plan ahead, but you will be notified accordingly. 


Crypto.Games offers a very limited amount of games:

These are specifically Crypto games and are the latest available online, so even though they are few, you will be playing the best available in each respective category. Each game has a scoreboard under the actual game which shows who is playing with which currency, and you can weigh up your odds and theirs and establish whether you are hitting or not.

Coins and payments

They accept 12 different Cryptocurrencies and have a conversion portal if you find you would like to play a game using a different currency. This tool is very handy while having a long standing playing session, but be aware there is a fee when you do process the conversion. The payments of crypto cashouts have a minimum 1mBTC for your first withdrawal, and of 5 mBTC thereafter (or the altcoin equivalent). They do not allow you to select Withdraw for amounts lower than that. You have the option of choosing the time for the cash out to process based on a fee slider. They do mention in their terms and conditions that the higher fee does not guarantee a faster cashout though, so sometimes in the middle can be just as fast as the higher fee.

Customer support

They have Live Chat and email support as options. It is a bit tricky to get to their Live Support. It’s not as easy as in other casinos where you have this button flashing at you every so often. They seem to prefer email communication and they provide the email address as a first point of contact versus the Live Chat option. I opened a live chat after going through the automated robotic prompts to give it a try and it informed me to send an email rather.

Once the agent eventually got to me, they were very helpful I must admit, I asked all the newbie questions and the consultant was happy to clearly explain how the casino works.

Geos and languages

There is a long list, 36 countries long, of where you cannot play from. The usual top hitters, USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, The Netherlands, Malta, etc are on that list. Once you have managed past that point, you will be able to play in English, Russian, Spanish and Hindi.

Security and community reputation

As mentioned numerous times in this article, security is of top priority to this casino. Every time you log in, you receive an email stating that you have successfully logged in. You are also required to complete a Captcha every time you log in which safeguards the casino. They have a great review on TrustPilot with a staggering 4.6 community rating. Bitcointalk's Cryptogames thread also suggests its a safe place to gamble considering the vast number of comments but relatively few negative one.

The situation is similar with Cryptogames' social media accounts like Twitter. The brand seems to understand the importance of engaging with its player base to create the necessary trust resulting in much improved user experience overall.


When looking for pure crypto casinos, the trust factor plays a huge role. As an alternative, we suggest the below casinos with trust factors we have been delighted with:

  • Bitcoin Video Casino - the original Bitcoin casino which has 10 years under its belt and offers some fun and interesting games to play

  • Vera Casino - a new kid on the block(chain) but is really proving itself worthy amongst the heavy hitters online


CryptoGames is definitely on the forefront of Crypto only gaming with its withdrawal slider, the built-in currency converter and its transparent Provably Fair gaming. It is incredibly user friendly and we asked in the beginning of the read, is it “Simple, social and most importantly entertaining!”? Well, yes it is, but it is not for everyone so don’t go all in on your first try. Slow and steady wins the race.

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