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Top Play2Earn games to earn free crypto (Mobile and PC)

Cryptocurrency has been one of the biggest game changers of the 21st century. It's impossible to open a gaming site that does not mention Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some blockchain-based platform. While we're not going to explain what crypto is today, we are going to explain how to get free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from play to earn crypto games.

Welcome to GameFi!

It sounds unreal, but it's true! You can make money while having fun, and there's something for everyone!  You do not have to be a professional or play consistently. Whether you enjoy solving puzzles, playing RPGs, or excelling in pokemon battles, there is a way for you to make money while doing exactly that! And the best part is, you don't need a powerful PC, just a mobile phone or some dusty old laptop!

So let's look at the top ten games you can play to earn crypto games on your browser!

Definition of P2E Games

If you were wondering what a play to earn (P2E) game is, the answer is in the name. You can play a crypto-based game and earn money in the form of cryptocurrency. Play to earn games are built on a blockchain mechanic where players will purchase digital assets like NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) and use them to progress in a given game. 

The dynamic behind these games relies largely on how much time a player puts into playing. The more crypto and time they invest, the higher their chances of a better return on their investments. Generally, each game will have a designated token that coincides with a known cryptocurrency. This token will be used to run the game's mechanics and will increase in value with the more buy-in the game has.

How P2E Games work

Play2earn games are based on the blockchain and are decentralized, meaning that the developer of the game has very limited control over its growth. There are three main features that you will always find in a play2earn game. A native cryptocurrency, the use of existing cryptocurrencies, and the use of NFTs. 

Native cryptocurrencies are when a developer creates their native cryptocurrency, generally in the form of a token, and will use it as their game currency. These tokens are either exchangeable for other currencies or are directly linked to an existing cryptocurrency.

An existing cryptocurrency is a currency that has been active on the blockchain for a long time already. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are good examples of existing cryptocurrencies.

The third mechanic of a play2earn game is an NFT. These are virtual collectable assets that can develop, increase, and decrease in value depending on the currency they are linked to. NFTs are unique and hold their value. 

They can be traded, upgraded, and used to create more NFTs and are stored on the blockchain and not only within a given game. In a play2earn game, Players will purchase the necessary tokens to allow them to purchase NFTs in the game. From there, they can trade with their NFTs, build a collection and improve the value of their digital assets or compete in player vs player competitions with rewards.

Categories/Types of P2E Games

There are loads of different types of play-to-earn crypto games on the blockchain currently. Most games will often be similar in their genre but will fall into a specific type of game. The main different types of play2earn games you can expect are

  • Strategy

  • Collectible

  • Role Playing Game

  • Player VS Player

  • Simulation

  • Virtual Reality

  • Card Game

  • Move-to-Earn

  • First Person Shooter

  • Turn-Based

The types of games are limited by the imagination of their developers. But the major categories most play2earn games would fall into are:

  • Strategy

  • Role Playing Game

  • Turn-Based

  • Collectibles

  • Simulation

As we mentioned earlier, you will notice a few of these game specific crossovers within different games, for example, Cryptoblades is a role-playing, turn-based strategy game that involves player vs player battles with hero NFTs.

Risks of P2E Games

While play to earn crypto games have become increasingly popular over the last few years, we can’t ignore that there are some real risks that players need to be aware of before they get into the game. Here are the main risks that you might want to keep in mind when you play:

Security risks

Probably the most obvious risk associated with online gaming is the risk of being hacked. If someone manages to hack a gaming network that you are on they won’t only have access to your digital assets but also to your personal information which could lead to more trouble in the future.

The Nature of cryptocurrencies

Because the nature of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile, this puts every investment you make at risk. You could purchase a great array of NFTs with a high value, and within a month they could lose all their value. However, if you invest in play2earn games to this degree you should have a level of diligence in watching how the currencies fluctuate. 

Risk of addiction

Play2earn games can easily become addictive. With the thrill of earning money while taking part in thrilling challenges, the game can suck players in, keep them spending to improve their NFTs value, and then eventually lose and restart the cycle. While entertainment is of value, too much of anything can be bad. 

Scam Opportunities

With the amount of play2earn games there, it can be easy to fall into the trap of a scam. Players looking to play play2earn games must make sure they are playing valid play2earn games on the blockchain to avoid getting scammed. Here is a link to the best P2E games available on the blockchain.

Can become Pay2play

For play2earn games to thrive, they need a consistent influx of players purchasing their tokens and investing in the game. To keep players interested, game developers have to continuously introduce more exciting aspects to the game. To keep up with the ever increasing market, players have to thrust more money into their games. The catch is that often to build hype on new releases, certain investors will invest loads into the game to build the token or asset value and then pull out when the price is high enough. This often leaves active players with valuable items that they are unable to sell or use due to the inflated prices. This changes the dynamic of the play2earn games to pay2earn.  

The saturation of play2earn games on the blockchain currently adds to this principle as well. As more games are released and don’t have the investments needed to carry them, they will fail and those who had invested in them will lose their investments.  

There could be more risks to playing play2earn games, the biggest risk that comes with any investment though is the chance of not getting a profitable return on what you have invested in and rather you make a loss. Keep these risks in mind as you enter the play2earn world and you should be able to avoid them.

What you need to get started with P2E Gaming

Before we look at the different games you can play, let's make sure you're set up and ready to start. Here are a few things to understand and prepare before you start making money playing games!

Mobile Or PC

One of the most frustrating things about modern games is that they often require specific PC parts or newer phones to play. However, this can’t be said for all play to earn crypto games. Essentially the best P2E games are available nowadays for most devices. So today we’ll mention the best play to earn crypto games for Android devices. Don’t worry if you’re an iOS fan, we’ve included a few of the best play to earn crypto games for iOS

A Crypto Wallet

Since you are going to be earning cryptocurrency in each of the mentioned games, you need to be able to access the funds one way or another. Therefore, it's important you set up a crypto wallet of some sort. Setting up a crypto wallet is easy; you do not need to be tech-savvy to understand how to set them up.  However, you should also learn how to withdraw and move the funds around in the wallet to avoid losing all those hard-earned tokens.

We recommend using Ledger Wallet or Exodus Wallet, though there are many options (Trozer, Electrum, and Metamask are great alternatives). 

Crypto Wallets give users full control over the funds in their wallets. It's important to use a personal wallet rather than a centralized exchange, as you may forfeit in-game rewards and can't receive staking funds.


You will need a consistent internet connection for the majority of the games. The connection won't need to be high speed (some games may take a lot of data.) And lastly, you will need to enjoy the game!

Otherwise, why are you playing? 


RollerCoin is a unique game where the player creates a data center to "mine crypto." Instead of needing to make major investments to set up a Bitcoin or Ethereum Mining rig, users can play RollerCoin to create the most efficient crypto mining center. 

Withdrawable Currency
Satoshi, BNB, BTC, ETH, DOGE, SOL, Tether, MATIC
Game Support
Email Support Only ([email protected])
Supported Devices
Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone

The game objective is to develop a mining rig on a budget; after earning enough through the mining rig, users can upgrade and maintain their rig. RollerCoin is an idle game where the game continues while you are not online. As long as you consistently maintain your rig, you can earn money!

One of the benefits of playing RollerCoin is it teaches its users how cryptocurrencies and mining work in the real world. We were extremely impressed with this game!


  • Earn even when you're not playing (Idle game)

  • Teaches users about cryptocurrencies and how to mine efficiently


  • Possible returns are below average. After 20 hours of gameplay, user's should earn about $0.3 daily

  • Small user base

Puzzles Crusade

Puzzle Crusade is a typical 3 match game with a unique RPG twist. The game has a rich story as you pass through each level and defeat the monster standing before you. For the person who loves Candy Crush Saga and similar games, Puzzle Crusade is for you. 

Withdrawable Currency
Game Support
Email and Telegram
Supported Devices
Apple, Android, Browser, Mac (PC's will need an emulator like Bluestacks)

Drawing inspiration from Candy Crush Saga and Final Fantasy, the Puzzle Crusade created a blockchain-based game built on the Polygon network. As users progress in the game, they earn NFTs and tokens. Some sellable NFTs include Characters, Lands, Castles, Resources, Mines, Farms, and more.


  • Massive Following prior to the game's full release

  • A rich story (to the likes of Final Fantasy)


  • The full game has not been released and is still in its Beta stages

  • Only top players will earn during Beta

Axie Infinity

A universe filled with adorable monsters! The Axie Infinity game is one of the most popular play to earn crypto games for Android. Users can buy, breed, and battle with monsters. Each monster is its own NFT, some of which have sold for over $1 million. 

Withdrawable Currency
Game Support
Live chat support, email, and community support
Supported Devices
Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, Playstation, Xbox

Axie Infinity draws much of its inspiration from the Pokémon games. Each monster has its own battle abilities and skill groups. Through battles, users can grow their Axie monsters into some of the most powerful fighters. Once you've found a team of monsters that you are happy with, you can breed the monsters to create new NFTs and, in turn, sell the NFT for a profit! 

Axie is a much more hands-on game; although your NFTs may grow in value on their own, you won't find yourself gathering new NFTs unless you play the game often. So if you enjoy Pokémon, this is surely the play to earn game for you!


  • Extremely large profit potential

  • Massive community

  • Available on all consoles and devices


  • Requires an initial investment to catch up with the current player base. (Lowest priced Axies cost over $20)

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is one of the best play to earn crypto games for iOS. In this play to earn game, you will embark on a journey and travel throughout the metaverse searching for Trillium (TLM). You must compete for governance and control of the six Planetary DAOs.

Send space crafts on missions to compete against other explorers for in-game rewards of Trillium. Play countless missions and activities to mine planets and receive Trillium.

Withdrawable Currency
Game Support
Discord, Telegram, Email, and Community Support
Supported Devices
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Playstation, Linux

Trillium can then be monetized on all major exchanges for other cryptocurrencies. 


  • Great visuals

  • High earning potential

  • Integrated marketplaces for ease of use

  • Great community support


  • No future roadmap

Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is one of the newest Play2Earn games. The game has gathered the attention of many in a short time. The game uses the player-versus-player (PVP) metric, where users will pitch their NFT collections against each other. The winner from each game will earn in-game currency as a reward.

Withdrawable Currency
Game Support
Discord and Email (Releases updates daily)
Supported Devices
Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, Playstation, Xbox

Users can earn the $GCOIN token through loot boxes. Users can trade their NFTs on the marketplace for Ethereum. And user's can fight to be the greatest Galaxy Fight Clubber out there.


  • It's a new game, meaning the community will be small, and you won't face overpowered opponents

  • Quickly growing community

  • Integrated marketplace for ease of use


  • There may be a few small glitches still

  • Tokenomics is not finalized. The team is still testing the way in-game currency works to ensure it's effective



AquaPang is a fun game with hundreds of tile-matching levels. Similar to the Candy Crush Saga, AquaPang is filled with easter eggs between each level and boosters. Users have limited retries per day, and therefore they need to take careful thought to each level. 

Withdrawable Currency
Game Support
Telegram, Discord, and emails
Supported Devices
Mac, Windows, Android (no iPhone)

The in-game currency is called Aqua Gem. Users will win some Aqua Gem after completing each level. If you want to retry a level, you can use the Aqua Gem tokens to purchase another attempt. Depending on your patience and your puzzle-solving abilities, you can start earning some money in no time!


  • No initial investment needed

  • Large community

  • Available on all consoles and devices


  • Has a pay2win metric, which can be counter-intuitive (though it will help ensure the currency keeps its value)


The reality is none of the games are unlikely to make you rich, nor will create a sustainable income. However, the play2earn metric is taking over the gaming world, and we love it! The opportunity to earn some money during the time you spend on the game is something that feels like a dream. Let's make the most out of every moment; let us money while playing games!


What are play to earn crypto games?

Play to earn crypto games allow players to monetize their gameplay. The best P2E games allow players to monetize their gameplay in several ways. Some allow players to collect, trade, or sell their NFTs through a marketplace, while other games reward players for in-game achievements. 

Are P2E games worth it?

Yes, some of the best P2E games reward players with lucrative prizes or native tokens. Player’s can then exchange these tokens for other cryptocurrency or for fiat and earn a potential income.

Are play to earn games free-to-play?

Yes, while most play to earn crypto games require an initial investment, there are a handful of free-to-play P2E games available.

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