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Crypto Live Dealer: How it works and where to play

Georgios by Georgios ยท November 21, 2022

Cryptocurrencies and gambling have always been associated with each other. I mean, most people see investing your money in any cryptocurrency as a gamble already! But it wasn't until recent years that they introduced the opportunity for players to gamble along with live dealers. Today, we're going to break down everything you know about live crypto casinos. 

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What's the difference between a live Crypto casino and a Fiat casino?

Online casinos are enjoyable, but they don't generally provide the same immersive feeling that you get when you're in a real casino. There's a completely different environment, you're stuck behind a screen, you don't get to watch a dealer place the cards down, and you don't get the same immersive satisfaction when placing each bet. 

While online casinos do have some benefits that in-person casinos don't, it's just not the same. This is where live dealers come into play. A live stream of a real casino with hosts of different players (some you can even interact with). That being said, you don't have to use crypto for these casinos; you could just use fiat currencies.

The difference between a fiat casino and a crypto casino is not all too different in the sense of how the gameplay works. In fact, most casinos will automatically convert your crypto into USD while you're in the live casino to avoid any confusion and for some regulatory reasons. But it's once you start looking at a few smaller changes using Bitcoin/Altcoins that you'll see differences. These differences include how you can deposit funds, how much you're able to spend, anonymity and KYC, etc. There are pros and cons to a crypto casino for sure. 


  • Transaction speed: Unlike your typical bank, crypto deposits do not take long to process. When looking at features like "Lightning Bitcoin". They're pretty much automatically processed and confirmed. This means that the time between jumping on a website and actually jumping into a live game of roulette takes just a few minutes. Many crypto websites even run an "instant deposit" system where your funds appear on the website after just 1 confirmation. 

  • Anonymity: Since Sotashi first created the amazing Bitcoin, anonymity has been an essential component of the coin. It's something that we as humans are losing more and more each day, crypto provides a hope to remain anonymous in everything that we do. Gambling included!

  • Quick: Once you've found a website that provides for your needs, from pulling out your PC to jumping into a game with a live dealer can take less than 5 minutes. You no longer need to drive down to a local casino. 

  • Trustable: Although it's not impossible to fake things, using a live dealer at an online casino is much more trustable. This is for two reasons; first, you can physically watch as the dealer places each bet, just like at a normal casino. Should an issue arise, you can report it through the casino's UI. And second, you'll be using casino providers for the live stream, meaning that they have less incentive to force the player to lose (The payment is still through the online casino). 

  • Location: Perhaps one of the biggest draws to live dealer crypto casinos is the fact that you can play almost anywhere and everywhere, especially if you have a good VPN. 

  • Limits: If you find the right casino, there will be no limit to the size of the bet you can place. And if you want to stretch your playtime, some casinos allow bets of just 1c.

  • Bonuses: Crypto casinos generally offer incentives that you won't find in any other casino. This includes multiple deposit bonuses, rake backs, cash backs, VIP programs, Free Spins, and more. 


  • Experience: Although a live casino will provide the closest experience to a normal casino, you're still behind a PC, and so you'll be missing out on some parts of the experience. 

  • Security: Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, there are consistent phishing attempts, scammers, and spoofers trying to grab your funds. This means you need to do your research when looking for casinos, and a general rule of thumb is that you do not leave your funds in the casino for long periods of time. 

  • Market volatility: Cryptocurrencies have a "spontaneous" habit of crashing or rising. While this means you could walk away with more winnings than you'd have hoped for, there is always a chance that while you're playing with some DOGE, it loses half its value. 

How to use a live crypto casino

Although each casino may have a slightly different process, jumping into a live casino game is fairly simple. As long as you understand the few basics of how cryptocurrencies work, you shouldn't run into any issues. 

Step 1: Look for the right casino

Make sure you're looking for a casino that best suits your needs. Some things to look for are:

  • Reputation 

  • Anonymity (KYC requirements)

  • Bonuses, and VIP Programmes

  • Live Dealer Providers, and Game Variety

Step 2: Sign Up

Each website has its own methods here; you can find websites that allow for Metamask/Connect Wallet and some allow for Google login. However, the general login process requires an email address, a username, and a password. You may need to confirm the email as well.

Step 3: Deposit

You should see a "Deposit" button on the home page: When you tap on this, a new screen should show. 

Every crypto casino will provide you with a unique deposit address and a QR code. If the casino implements Metamask, you can just select the deposit amount and sign for the transaction. Alternatively, you'll need to copy the deposit address and send the crypto from your wallet. (We suggest using a private wallet and not depositing from an exchange)

Once you've sent the funds through, it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes before the funds show up in your account. 

Step 4: Choose your game

Depending on the crypto casino you've chosen, there will be multiple games you can choose from. The most common live dealer games are 

  • Roulette

  • Blackjack

  • Baccarat

  • Poker

  • Mega Wheels

However some providers have alternative games to choose from. Some of the most popular providers are Evolution Gaming, Evoplay, Lucky Streak, and Bombay Play.

Step 5: Start playing!

Once you've chosen your game, it should take a few moments for the live stream to load. For most live casinos, your cryptocurrency is automatically converted to USD. Along with the live stream, you will have betting options, a few streaming settings, a customer support option, and the ability to communicate in a live chat. 

Place your bets, trust the numbers, not your gut, and pray that you walk away with some solid profits. Once you leave the live casino, the site should reflect the winnings in the site balance. 

Tips & strategies for live dealers

Know Your Game: With so many games available at live dealer casinos, there's a chance you could open a game that you don't know much about. Make sure that you understand the games before playing with real money. Most of the games that live casinos offer will have a demo software version of the game. We suggest playing it there for a bit first. 

Know when to stop: This may sound like it goes without saying but know when you need to stop playing. If you're running a winning streak, quit while you're ahead. And if you're down, learn to compose yourself and control your actions. As we say in the gambling community, trust the numbers, not your gut. 

Casino selection: Find a casino that provides the best promotions. You may need to look into the rules of the promotions as live casino bets are not included in their wagering requirements. If you find a casino that provides promotions to the users who play on live casinos, take advantage of this. Any bonus you get as you play will lower that house edge. 

Martingale strategy: Perhaps the most popular strategy used in casinos is the martingale strategy. The process is simple. You set a base bet at a 2X payout (usually, this will be very low), and each time you lose, you double your bet. This way, when you eventually win, you'll make the same amount of money back that you've started with, plus the profit as if you won the first round. 

Pick games with the best RTP: Different casino games have a different house edge percentage. If you're looking to maximize your chances of walking away with profits, find a live casino game that holds the lowest RTP. Prime examples of this are Monopoly and PvP poker. 

Card counting: Contrary to popular belief, counting cards is not illegal in any casino. Casino hosts, however, do not like it. That being said, card counting can be extremely difficult and does not assure you that you'll be walking away with profits.

What are the best live casinos for crypto

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