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MCH Verse review: Is worth playing on in 2024?

My Crypto Heroes (MCH Verse) is a fairly complex Play2Earn role-playing game. The creators clearly put a lot of energy and thought into gameplay, and the crypto aspect only plays a small role overall. This is probably a good thing, and proves it's no "pump and dump." In 2023, the game is nowhere close to its peak, but still has an active community who invests their time in the game.

Let's look at what is and why you should be playing it, or not.


September 2018
$MCHC, MCH NFTs (Matic gas fees)
Game style
Role Playing Game, Quests and PvP

What is

The MCH team calls their game a "Workplace RPG" because it's an RPG-styled game that focuses on Play2Earn metrics by incorporating NFTs and cryptocurrencies as vital elements to the gameplay.  The goal of the game is to "conquer the Crypto World".

To start the game you need to create a Hero. Each in-game hero is based on IRL heroes, adding an essence of realism to the game. 

The game is split between a PvE mode and PvP. 

The PvE game mode consists of quests where players take their heroes into dungeons to gain experience points. Here you can grow your heroes' levels. Each quest provides XP. The more difficult quests provide greater XP points, but if your player dies, he doesn't receive any XP. During the quests, you can also gather items like swords and shields. 

Every in-game item plays as its own NFT which you can sell for Matic/ETH or swap for other items. The greater equipment your heroes hold, the stronger they become making them greater assets to your quests. 

Once you're ready to fight other users, there is a PVP mode. Players join a tournament known as the "Guild War" where you fight against other players in the tournament in a bid to make your way up the leaderboard. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the greater the NFT reward. 

There is also a daily "Faucet" where players can collect the in-game currency "CP." This is one of the many mechanisms the game implements to keep users coming back. Each user collects a different amount of CP depending on their in-game levels. 

The gameplay is much more complicated as each hero has its own abilities and special moves. With hundreds of avatar combinations, and different use cases for each avatar, the fighting experience gets exciting real quick. The P2E metric just turns into a cherry on top. 

Is MyCryptoHeroes Dead?

No, although you won't find much of an English community, there are many playing the game today. The team is based in Japan, and about 80-90% of the players are Asian. The P2P gamemode fills up quickly enough that you don't need to worry. 


  • Consistent updates to the game

  • Game available on PC, Android, and iOS

  • Enjoyable gameplay that includes cryptocurrencies as an addition

  • The game would be enjoyable without the crypto metric

  • The game is free to play (though you won't get far if you don't put funds in)


  • Small English Community

  • Buying strong heroes becomes necessary if you want to play the PvP game. This can become costly

  • There aren't many exchanges to purchase MCHC

  • BattlePass needed for the best experience

What is the MyCryptoHeroes Native Token?

It's fair to say that MyCryptoHeroes is not the most popular crypto game out there. It only has a daily volume of $79,543, and a $6 million market cap. However, its liquidity has been consistent for multiple years, and the game is still active four years after launch.

  • Ticker: MCHC (MCH Coin)

  • Supply: 50,000,000 MCHC

  • Exchanges:  CoinW, MEXC, and Hotbit

  • Current Price: $0.12

  • Staking: Yes

It was surprising to see that the $MCHC token did not fall a 90% + over the last year (like others in this crypto winter). Instead the token peaked in 2022 at $0.37, dropping about 60% since. It's fair to say this isn't a shitcoin, and the players value it. 

Can I make money from

Yes, there are Play2Earn metrics included with the MyCryptoHeroes game. Whether you're taking on quests, opening rare items, or staking your tokens, you can earn crypto from MyCryptoHeroes. The best method to earn money on MCH Verse is by joining the "Guild" with a team and participating in the Guild War. However, you won't be earning a ton from the game, we suggest playing it out of a love for RPGs rather than hoping to make a living from the game. 

If you're wanting to know how much you can make in MyCryptoHeroes over a week? You'll be looking at +- $20 depending on personal investments, the time you put into it, and your skill level. That's more than most crypto P2E games out there.