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Affiliate Disclosure

Why we affiliate:

Anyone involved with writing educational worthwhile content or creating a website or even a blog knows how challenging, costly and time consuming it gets; especially for a specialised website like iPlayCrypto. However, those are just a few of the challenges we have faced. Even if one builds a great site filled with personal experiences and professional tips, maintaining it can be very costly. The additional costs involved have to do with maintenance and other content updates, but the highest cost is related to the funds required to test the casinos thoroughly with real money depositing.

In order to keep iPlayCrypto a safe haven for players filled with real information and not promo gibberish, we have decided to not accept paid ads. Furthermore our only source of income is affiliate income from casinos we believe are worth writing about and promoting.

How it works:

Affiliate schemes are as old as time itself. The idea is: instead of paying someone in advance for promoting your products, you give him a share of your income. There are various different affiliate options like: 

  • Revenue share which is generated usually from the operators net revenue.

  • Cost per acquisition where the affiliate is paid a fixed amount for every player successfully referred.

  • Hybrid schemes which are a combination of both.

Therefore, if you believe we can provide you with useful information which assists you in choosing a casino or improves your chances to win, be kind enough to click on our referral links.

How you can contribute:

Our content is generated from detailed information we have researched and gathered, but our main priority is from real players' experiences. So, if you have any experience, good or bad, and you believe it might interest us, don't hesitate to contact us. You never know, you might be our next content creator.

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