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How P2E Gaming Operates

It’s been nearly 70 years since the first video game, Tennis for Two, was released. Since then, the gaming world has undergone some major reconstruction. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have now enabled players to earn rewards from playing games.

What was once impossible has become a significant trend in the world of crypto gaming. So today, we’ll dive into everything there is to know about play2earn crypto games, with a few examples of the best P2E in 2023.

What are Play2Earn games? 

In traditional games, players earn the game's currency by completing tasks and collecting items. However, this currency is only valuable for purchasing assets in the game; there is no monetary value.

The introduction of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies has entirely changed the playing field for gamers. Players can now take ownership of their digital assets (NFTs).

At any given moment, players can sell their digital in-game assets for the game’s native currency, thus generating real monetary value and revenue through playing games. 

So, how do play2earn games work, or how can you earn an income from playing a game?

How do Play2Earn games work?  

By now, you must have heard of cryptocurrencies and possibly even come across the term blockchain. Play2earn games, also known as crypto games, use a blockchain network, which makes them decentralized.

Blockchain-based games allow players to take true ownership of items and collectibles obtained in a game. A crypto game’s developer has very little control of the in-game assets.

Every item or non-fungible token (NFT) is unique. This allows players to take physical ownership of an item. Players will then collect, trade, and sell NFTs on the game’s marketplace for its native currency.   

The value of an in-game item is attached to the rarity of the NFT, the demand for the item, and the size of the particular gaming community. An NFT’s value is also determined by the value of the game’s native cryptocurrency.

Play2earn crypto games are often free to play. However, some games require players to pay an initial investment. Play2earn games, such as Cryptokitties, require you to purchase kitties from their marketplace before you can start earning.

Previously, play2earn crypto games were only available on the web or for desktops. However, recent developments have included Android and iOS devices

Types of Play2earn Games

Play2earn crypto games offer something for everyone; it doesn’t matter what type of gaming genre you lean towards. Blockchain-based games are constantly being released in several genres, including: 

  • Adventure Games: Whether you’re into sailing the seven seas or exploring the darkest depth of the jungle, there’s an adventure play2earn game for you.

  • Battle Royale: Battle Royales and last-man-standing matches have become the genre of the decade. Galaxy Fight Club and Reward Hunters have this department covered for play2earn games.

  • Card Games: NFT card trading games are extremely popular. Splinterlands and Gods Unchained are two of the most popular P2E card trading games.

  • Combat Games: Shooting and combat PvP mode games are amongst the most common P2Es. Defeat enemies and trade weapons to earn an income.

  • Real-estate Games: Real-estate games like Decentraland and Sandbox allow you to purchase and sell virtual land. However, land doesn’t come cheap.

  • Strategy: If strategy is your thing, there are a ton of MMO strategy P2Es available, including League of Kingdoms, Realm, and many more.

How to Choose a Play2earn Game

When selecting a play2earn game, there are a few factors one needs to consider before jumping right in. Here’s how we generally decide on whether a crypto game is worth our while:

  • Accessibility: Accessibility is one of the most essential features of a play2earn game. Blockchain-based games are available on most gaming platforms. Always check if the game is available for your device.

  • Initial Investment: Most play2earn games are free-to-play or offer a free demo mode. However, if you’re interested in earning some serious crypto, you will need to invest in P2E games. So make sure to select a play2earn game that matches your budget.

  • Potential Earnings: Play2earn games will generate revenue for you; however, not every game is worthwhile.

  • Native Tokens: Every crypto game uses a native token; naturally, some tokens have a higher value than others. Search for play2earn games with a reliable and valuable native token for the highest revenue.

  • Reputation: Reputation is everything. Always read comments from the gaming community to avoid being scammed.

  • Rewards: Play2earn games offer different in-game rewards. It may be worthwhile to investigate what the P2E games offer rewards.

Top Play2earn Games for Starters

We decided to include some of the best play2earn games to make it easier for you to start earning some crypto. Here’s our pick of the top 5 play2earn games.

Axie Infinity

Withdrawable currency
Game Support
Live chat support, Email, and Community Support
Supported Devices
Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Playstation, Xbox

Axie Infinity is one of the most loved and popular blockchain-based play2earn games, with 2 million daily users. Axie Infinity is a strategy crypto game where players collect adorable monsters called Axies.

You’ll need to purchase 3 Axies from the in-game marketplace to start the game. You’ll find Axies ranging from 0.01 ETH up to 100 ETH; the higher the price tag, the stronger the Axie.

New players can expect to earn around $8 - $10 daily with an initial investment of $800. Players who invest over $3000 can receive $40 a day. However, the more you spend, the longer it takes to make returns on investment. 

A player’s potential earnings are linked to their skill in playing the game. In simple terms, the way you make money is through winning battles against other players.

Winning battles and completing quests will reward your player with Smooth Love Potion (SLP), the game’s native currency. In addition, you can also farm form to receive crypto assets. Every player’s monster is an NFT, some of which have sold for over $1 million.


  • Growing community

  • Integrated marketplaces for ease of use


  • High volatility of SLP

  • Some glitches

Wreck League

Withdrawable currency
Game Support
Discord and Twitter
Supported Devices
iOS and Android devices

Wreck League is an action-packed mech vs. mech combat game where players construct mechs and engage in PvP combat against each other. This intense NFT game sees players battling customizing mech using NFT-minted parts.

Each mech must have ten customizable NFT-minted parts, which players can find in boxes sold on the Wreck League allowlist. Owners of mechs can then sell and trade parts or mechs for profits.

Every mech is designed with ten tradable parts that affect the mech’s combat skills. Prices of mech parts start at 0.0014 ETH and go up to 0.5 ETH, whereas a majestic box costs 0.016 ETH. Every majestic box contains mech parts; should you be lucky and find a rare part, you’ll be able to profit by selling it.  

Wreck League uses the Ethereum blockchain, with APE coin and WLG as its native tokens. The action-packed fighting game is available for iOS and Android devices.


  • Huge community support

  • Integrated marketplaces for ease of use


  • Beginning stages of the game, some areas of gameplay will need to be refined

  • Limited customer support

Alien Worlds

Withdrawable currency
Game Support
Discord, Telegram, Email, and Community Support
Supported Devices
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Playstation, Linux

Alien Worlds is an NFT game where you will search for Trillium (TLM) throughout the metaverse. You must compete for governance and control of the six Planetary DAOs.

Send space crafts on missions to compete against other explorers for in-game rewards of Trillium. Play countless missions and activities to mine planets and receive Trillium.

1 Trillium holds a market value of $0.01, which means it’s worthwhile to mine planets. Although Alien Worlds is free-to-play, a decent drill costs around $10 on AtomicHub, and you’ll need three of them to start digging up NFTs.

Mined Trillium can then be monetized on all major exchanges for other cryptocurrencies. Alien Worlds is available on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and others. 


  • Great visuals

  • High earning potential

  • Integrated marketplaces for ease of use

  • Great community support


  • No future roadmap

Meta Apes

Withdrawable currency
Game Support
Live Support and Discord
Supported Devices
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

Meta Apes is a strategic blockchain-based play2earn game where players take ownership of NFT Meta Apes. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic area where all human life ceases to exist, and apes are in control.  

To get started, you’ll need to purchase one of 6 017 Meta Ape Fighters from the Galler marketplace. Join a clan with your fighter and start receiving revenue from Meta Apes.

NFT Meta Apes are classified into different levels of rarity: rare, epic, and meta. Meta Ape Fighters cost around $3 and reach up to $180 for stronger fighters.

You’ll earn a decent income by completing in-game activities with your NFT Ape. Meta Apes rewards players with SHELL, an in-game currency worth $0.000667 per SHELL.

Additionally, you can always upgrade your Meta Ape NFT with in-game tokens. A higher-ranked NFT fighter will turn a profit on the Galler marketplace. Meta Apes is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.


  • Free to play

  • Great community

  • Live support


  • Limited potential for earning income

  • Constant notifications

  • Just like the NFTs, the potential doesn’t seem future-proof


Withdrawable currency
Game Support
Live Support, Discord, Email, and Community Support
Supported Devices
Web, Mac, and Windows

Cryptokitties was one of the first play2earn NFTs where players could collect, breed, and trade their virtual NFT cats. This Ethereum-based blockchain game generated around 1.5 million users.

Players must purchase an NFT Cryptokitty from the games marketplace as an initial investment. Cat prices vary from under a dollar to over six figures, with an average price of $60 per NFT. 

To generate revenue, you can breed your Sire (male) cat with a female cat in exchange for ETH. Cryptokitties charges a flat rate of 0.04 ETH for breeding two of your own cats together. 

Players can make an offer on any NFT cat in the game, whether or not the NFT is up for sale. The owner of the NFT cat can either accept or decline the offer. Making a profit from this game depends on the demand for your NFT kitty.

In recent years, Cryptokitties NFTs have sold for up to 600 ETH, thus making it worthwhile to breed these kitties. Cryptokitties is available on Web, Mac, and Windows.


  • Great community support

  • Unique gaming experience

  • High-value NFTs

  • Integrated marketplace for ease of use


  • High gas fees for trading with Ethereum tokens

  • Lack of scalability


How do you make money from a play2earn game?

Players can earn cryptocurrency by completing quests and during gameplay. Play2earn games have their own built-in cryptocurrency, awarded to players for in-game activities. Players can then exchange the game’s cryptocurrency for real-life money.

Are P2E games safe?

Yes, blockchain-based play2earn games are some of the most secure and advanced. However, it is essential only to use recommended and trusted play2earn games. Above, we’ve listed several safe-to-use play2earn games.

What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

A non-fungible token (NFT) represents the ownership of a digital asset. Every NFT has an attribute that makes it possible for games to tokenize items. Players can trade these items in exchange for cryptocurrency through a game’s marketplace.