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What are Provably Fair Games and which casinos have them?

Tristyn by Tristyn · June 5, 2024

Ever since its introduction in the late 2010s, the concept of provably fair gaming has completely transformed the crypto gambling industry. This gaming technology ensures the fairness of games by allowing players to check the odds. It uses blockchain technology to shuffle and permanently record the shuffles in a transparent and unchangeable manner, employing cryptographic techniques to verify outcomes. So, without further adieu let’s dive into the world of provably fair games.

Originally, fairness in online gaming would be based on the level of certification that a casino or game provider would have or their license. However, certification and honesty are often not related. For new software developers it was always tricky to independently gain acceptance despite their game’s quality or level of openness unless we’re talking about big names like Micro Gaming and Evolution Gaming. Provably Fair games address this issue.

Thanks to Bitcoin's blockchain technology on which most provably fair games are built, crypto casinos are prohibited from rigging games and are required to safeguard players' stash while players are unable to gain access hints and tips of the games, as all outcomes are generated by the algorithm with no room for external influence.

History of Provably Fair Games

Bitcoin was initially compared to in-game currencies like Second Life's Linden Dollars. However, cryptocurrency demonstrated that it differs from fiat currencies and offers real-world benefits beyond instant transactions. In the early 2010s, the first pure crypto casinos, like Cloudbet, appeared, and in 2013, traditional casinos in Las Vegas began accepting Bitcoin for small purchases before they introduced it as a more acceptable payment option paving the way for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to be used in a much broader spectrum. 

The first provably fair games to appear were typical crypto games like dice or crash as it was much easier to be built using blockchain and that's exactly the reason why they were the most popular crypto games. Given crypto casinos legitimacy problems due to their limited licensing options, the operators quickly understood how this technology can be used to their advantage. Unlike licenses which provide players with a security guarantee from a governmental agency, provably fair games provide this stability to the players themselves. Anyone can go and examine how these games operate and decide himself whether they are safe or not.

In July 2024, the majority of crypto casinos offer provably fair games not being limited to Dice or Plinko but they include slots or live games too. Stake Casino is a good place for new players to witness how provably fair technology works.

Why you should go for Provably Fair Games

As explained previously, provably fair games are popular due to the system offering several advantages over traditional games, primarily increasing reliability. Below are the key benefits of provably fair gaming:


Until the advent of provably fair games, there was no way to verify that casinos were operating fairly. The only way to know if you were playing at a trustworthy casino was to trust them. Provably fair technology enables players to independently verify that their game results are not being manipulated. This means that players can use the technology to check if they are being cheated by the casino, and as a result, players trust in online casinos has increased.

Reduced Fee

Provably fair games don’t charge exorbitant fees or have hidden transaction costs. Each deposit or withdrawal is processed at a lower or zero fee than that of a standard fiat casino and therefore the fees players have to pay are much lower.

No need for Third Party Auditing

Provably fair games don’t require third-party auditing testing labs since this technology made each game open and easily verifiable. Thanks to that, disputes between players and casinos are resolved faster and more fairly.

Improved Game Quality and Enhanced Features

In terms of game functionality, online casino games have improved compared to their traditional counterparts. Players can now find higher Return to Player (RTP) percentages at blockchain-based casinos, reaching up to 99%. Some blackjack tables even offer an RTP of 99.5%, providing players with a longer and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Overall, because of their increased speed and lower costs they contribute greatly to the user's experience enabling more generous bonuses including cashbacks and VIP programs. Considering its a fairly new technology the graphics and themes are improving at lightning speeds, indicating that soon all game providers, no matter if they run on a crypto casino or not, will try to imitate this technology.

What are their risks?

Now that you understand how a provably fair gaming system works and why it has become so popular in recent years, it's important to point out some limitations of the algorithm and some of the dangers players might face.

Fair Gaming May Not Always Be the Case

Even though the future of provably fair systems seems promising, online casinos can still alter the server seed. They can even tamper with the results provided by the system. In this case, fair and unpredictable outcomes won’t be as unpredictable as promised. The problems with the system led to negative feedback from many players claiming that they had been scammed by gambling websites. The best way to deal with this is to conduct your own research and check what other players have said online.

Extremely Volatile

Bitcoin is a risky asset to invest in. The value of a Bitcoin can significantly fluctuate in a short period. This can make the use of Bitcoin more expensive than fiat currency, as you might end up paying more for the same item due to the exchange rate between different currencies. In the case of provably fair games this can have an impact on the fees. Until the hedge funds stop playing with crypto trading and messing with the coins' prices, that danger is there.

Starting Seed Exposure

An important drawback of provably fair systems is the exposure of the starting seed, which allows hackers to decrypt and predict rounds without difficulty. This would make playing on that site impossible, as one could always just pick the winning numbers but that's something that should worry casinos and not you.

What games can be provably fair?

Provably fair games consist of most game types really, including: Roulette, Crash, Keno, Head Tail, Slots, Hi-Lo, Plinko and more. Basically games where chances of winning are in probable ratios.  For instance, Roulette gives 1 out of 36 probability, also gives half-half chances. Same goes with Crash, you just get different results every single time. 

Remember, just because a site claims to be provably fair doesn’t mean it is. So always first check for scams and how to deal with them.

Where to play Provably Fair Games?


Founded in 2019, BetFury is still considered one of the youngsters in the crypto gambling world. That said, the crypto casino punches above its weight and offers over 5,000 crypto games from top software developers like BGaming, Hacksaw Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution Gaming. Additionally, you can find 21 BetFury Originals under the casino's gaming portfolio- All of which are provably fair and have high RTP percentages!


BC.Game is one of the most recognized crypto gambling sites on the planet. As the name suggests, the crypto casino is serious about gaming and offers over 10,000 crypto games from leading software developers. Additionally, you can find over 30 provably fair BC Originals games including the likes of Limbo, Classic Dice, Coinflip, Mine, Cave of Plunder, Crash, Plinko, and others.


Stake is one of the top crypto casinos with lifetime rakeback, a great reputation, and two-factor authentication. Since its inception in 2017, it has garnered more than 5 million users worldwide. The Stake Casino includes 16 new provably fair games with a very reasonable house edge.


Bitcasino went online in 2014 and it consists of over 2000 slots, table, and live casino games. Thanks to its seniority and approach, it is considered a very legitimate and safe option.


Bitsler is a 2015 cryptocurrency gambling website. Classic casino games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack can be enjoyed here with an additional 20 in-house gambling games, which they refer to as their originals including provably fair ones too.

Winz is a fairly new crypto casino launched in 2019 from Dama NV but with over 7000 games and numerous coins available, it managed to quickly become a top tier crypto casino. Thanks to their superior product they have managed to already win a few prizes, but what makes them better is their support which is simply outstanding. Don't hesitate to reach out to their customer support agents regarding any question you have or difficulty you may face.