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Cryptocurrency Slots: Why, how and where to play

Georgios by Georgios · July 31, 2022

Online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method are the latest phenomenon in the gambling community. While most of the casino's features remain similar to traditional online sites, provably fair cryptocurrency slot games offer something new. So if you’re interested in finding out more? We analyze their legitimacy, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages so you can decide which is the right pick for you.

Before choosing to play slots on a crypto casino, the best approach one can have is to claim a free spins offer as numerous online crypto casinos offer free spins, deposit bonuses, and various other giveaways.

Are crypto slots legit?

Except for a few countries, cryptocurrency gaming has no geographical limitation. Players from all over the world can be found on crypto casinos since often credentials to become members are not required. The fact that the region of a crypto casino is lawful frequently defines the legitimacy of the site. One can easily notice that the most common type of license crypto casinos operate under is the Curaçao EGaming License as it is fairly easy to acquire and cost-effective. Thanks to the freedom these licenses provide to crypto casinos and the capability of smart contracts provided by their crypto operating platforms, players don't have to wait for their earnings to be paid.

Today's top crypto slots use a sizable database from a crypto casino that enables players to check results at any time to ensure they are secure and fair to preserve their legality. This is what is called provably fair games and it includes more types of games. The best crypto slots have RNG ratios far higher than traditional slots, providing players with a better overall experience and a better winning opportunity while still operating within their legal requirements.

Benefits of crypto slots

The list of benefits a gamer can anticipate from the greatest crypto slot is as follows.

Provably Fair

This suggests that every game is examined and validated by an algorithm to ensure it is suitable and not biased for the benefit of the crypto casino. A select few of the greatest crypto slot sites offer the additional benefit of raising the RTP percent for players and helping them feel more at ease. RTP determines their probability of winning based on a player's most recent significant win. Players have the ability and check the functionality of the algorithm themselves. However, it must be noted that even provably fair games can be tricked.


Payment methods at traditional online slot sites often require players to disclose personal information such as credit card details, which puts players at risk for identity theft and fraud.

Crypto slot sites, on the other hand, use enhanced cryptographic techniques, which ensure the security and integrity of transactions. The ability to play anonymously at many Bitcoin casinos makes gambling more secure.


Crypto slot sites have made it possible for millions of users, previously restricted in accessing online casinos, to enjoy the pleasures of gambling. In many countries, online gambling is prohibited but cryptocurrencies are legal. This creates a loophole for gambling enthusiasts, as offshore crypto slot sites are accessible.


In terms of gameplay and money collection, cryptocurrency slots are quicker than at conventional casinos. Specifically compared to bank transfers, crypto casinos can pay out much faster.

Huge Payouts

One of the most attractive features of a crypto slot casino is the lack of limitations when it comes to payouts. Crypto slot casinos have higher gambling limits than traditional online casinos. High rollers can expect access to huge payouts from a variety of jackpot-themed slot games. So make sure to select a crypto casino with high limitations.   

Low Fees

Most traditional online casinos charge exceptionally high fees when players withdraw winnings from the casino. Crypto slot casinos are known for charging low transactional fees, some casinos don’t even charge a fee for withdrawing funds.


  • Since they are not required to reveal personal information, gamers can completely maintain their privacy when using blockchain cash

  • Provides the player with Value, quick transmission, and security

  • Secure deposits ensures that nobody else may access a player's account and take coins from a crypto casino


  • Some withdrawals and deposits could take longer to process than others, especially for bigger amounts

  • The price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates, you may have a significant win at the casino only to discover the price of your cryptocurrency has dropped.

Considerations to make when choosing crypto slots lounge

The gameplay is influenced by money, location, and other variables. A few conditions must be satisfied for the gameplay experience to be enjoyable. Players should review the following list before beginning the ideal crypto slots game:

Available online casino slot games

Players can choose from a huge selection of provably fair games, including sports games, table games, live casino games, and free spins. The top cryptocurrency slots are available for the customer to take advantage of. The platforms' opportunities for placing sports wagers are a bonus.

The best cryptocurrency slots websites offer a wide variety of cryptocurrency games, allowing new players to experiment with something new on a daily basis. Before placing real bets, players can test sample versions of their preferred provably fair games at multiple Bitcoin casinos.

Restricted countries

The most important factor to consider when choosing the ideal crypto slot games is if users can access them from any location and play the greatest slots. Visitors may easily check to see which of the top crypto slot sites are offered. If the casino isn't available in your country it's highly possible you will have a problem when cashing out.

Deposits and withdrawals

Withdrawing winnings from online casinos doesn’t have to take several days. Playing with crypto allows you to access your winnings within a few minutes. While some crypto casinos have a history of occasionally delaying withdrawals, you can be confident that you won't have to wait too long to receive your money.

Exciting bonuses 

Numerous bonus rounds and deposit bonus codes, including the top crypto slots, no deposit bonus, welcome bonus code, first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, third deposit bonus, and others, are offered to visitors of the crypto slots sites. Visitors should also consider the substantial VIP program standards and premium options carefully.


Unlike traditional online casinos, crypto slot sites are unregulated. While there’s no requirement for them to be licensed, using a platform without one raises some red flags. Always try to use a licensed crypto slot site when available.

KYC Policies

For security and licensing purposes, most crypto slot sites require new players to provide some form of documentation. Know Your Customer (KYC) policies are often intrusive and require personal information for verifying a user. However, these policies provide some form of regulation and offer assurance for players.

Trust and reputation

The newbie must find a reliable legal website. Few things are more frustrating than winning a large amount of money, only to face challenges when trying to withdraw it or experiencing the sudden closure of your casino account without clear reasons. However, in the case of crypto casinos, the cryptocurrency community ensures that all operators uphold their commitment to their players.

Types of crypto slots

Progressive and non-progressive slots are the two most popular cryptocurrency online slots. They were previously solely accessible through conventional online betting sites but are currently accessible through several crypto betting systems.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots, particularly jackpot slots, take a small amount from every bet that you make and add it to the overall jackpot prize. The pot keeps increasing until a lucky player hits the jackpot and wins the entire loot.  It may be worthwhile to play a few rounds of progressive slot games, as they promise a lifetime of winnings! 

Non-progressive slots

When playing online games, players who match symbols earn prizes and additional free spins. Players should always be on the watch for further deposit bonuses because they can offer greater payouts. A big gain is possible at cryptocurrency slots sites with non-progressive payouts, which are accessible on all online gambling platforms.

The winnings on non-progressive slots are modest. Some offer significant progressive jackpots, some of which can be worth up to 100 times a player's wager.

Crypto slot games

Classic slot games

Classic slots sometimes referred to as three-reel slots and one-armed bandits, are mostly single-line slot machines. These slots contain a wide selection of symbols, simple navigation, and basic concepts that any new user must understand to win slot machine jackpots and cash prizes. Users who land on three connected symbols in classic slot games can win enormous progressive jackpots.

Video slots

Levers and mechanical reels are not necessary because the slots are computerized. To promote player engagement, the crypto casinos' slots must be activated by the user by pushing a button.

The top bitcoin casinos worldwide are seeing tremendous demand for both video slots and poker. Since video slots are land-based casino slot machines with a video screen rather than mechanical reels, they are the precursor to cryptocurrency slots. More payouts are available on five-reel slots than on standard slot machines. There are a few other versions of video poker along with Bitcoin video slots.

3D slots

Virtual slots with three-dimensional elements are called 3D slots and can be found in bitcoin casinos online. Pop culture, video games, and movies greatly influence most 3D slots.

Combination slots

A hidden buy-a-pay is available on the multi-line progressive slot game website combination slots. The ideal course of action for the player is to review the slot machine's pay table to win several awards.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots provide jackpots that start at a specific sum of money and increase over time until the required symbol combination is met. The action then restarts with the initial jackpot amount.

How to play crypto slots

Crypto slots have become extremely popular over the last decade, offering players a safe and thrilling way to win online slot games with cryptocurrency. To win at crypto slot games, a player has to have a solid understanding of the game's mechanics and strategy.

While there’s a bit of luck needed, players can increase their chances of winning with some knowledge of the game and the right approach. Bitcoin slots use blockchain technology and offer provably fair gaming, which means that you can verify the fairness of every spin and ensure the randomness of the outcome.

As we mentioned above, there are several different types of crypto slot games available. Each game has its mechanisms and strategies that can be implemented. 

Every professional slot player started as a beginner, thankfully crypto slot sites offer demo and free play versions, so starting won’t cost you a cent. If you’re new to a game, it’s best to first refine your skills through demo and free play modes. After some practice, you’ll have a better understanding of the game mechanism. 

Before you begin to spin the wheel of fortune, do your research and take a look at every game's return to player percentage (RTP). Games with higher RTPs pay more and increase your chances of winning!

Here are the main steps to follow when playing crypto slots:

  • Step 1: Buy crypto

If you already have some crypto in your wallet, move on to the next step. However, for those who have never used crypto to play at an online casino, your first step is to buy digital coins. You will probably need to use crypto exchange and wallet for that.

  • Step 2: Sign up with a casino and deposit crypto

Next, you have to sign up with the casino and deposit the crypto you want to use to fund your play. Not sure where to play, we’ve listed some reputable casinos below. Once you’ve registered at a casino, the platform should direct you on how to deposit crypto. The process typically entails copying and sending crypto to the provided wallet address.

  • Step 3: Select a game and start playing 

With your funds loaded and ready to go, you can start playing but remember to search for a game with a high RTP. To maximize your winning potential, bet the maximum amount. However, you need to come up with your own winning strategy. 

  • Step 4: Cash out in crypto 

If lady luck is on your side and you hit the jackpot, you can cash out immediately in crypto. To cash out, select crypto as your withdrawal method and then provide your wallet address.

Where to play crypto slots

We handpicked cryptocurrency casinos covering different types of operators while all offering amazing crypto slots:

Bitcoin Video Casino

  • Several available games

  • Built on the prestigious domain

  • anonymous, with a straightforward registration


  • one-of-a-kind "Backpocket" incentive scheme

  • now accepts BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, DOGE, LTC, and 6 others

  • excellent specials and a loyalty program

  • 3200+ games


  • a veteran of the cryptocurrency gambling sector

  • excellent loyalty program

  • numerous games from top developers and jackpot slots

  • accepting BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, LTC, and TRX


  • exceptional customer support

  • user-friendly interface

  • exciting welcome bonuses and VIP club

  • 8500+ games


  • high betting limits

  • no KYC required

  • accepts several cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and LTC.

  • 8000+ games


Which crypto slot game pays out the most?

It’s hard to state which crypto slot game has the highest payout. However, Mega Joker from NetEnt games has a 99% RTP, while some Blackjack games are known for having a 99.5% RTP.

Are crypto slot games safe to use?

Yes, most crypto slot sites are provably fair and offer the highest standard of encryption. 

Can I use crypto to play slots?

Yes, there are thousands of online crypto slot games where players can use different cryptocurrencies to play.

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