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Cryptocurrency Baccarat: how it works and where to play

Georgios by Georgios · November 26, 2022

Baccarat is easily one of the most popular table games in any casino. Although James Bond clearly added to the popularity of the game, the game was already simple enough, the house edge is extremely low, and the opportunity to walk away with a great profit after a few rounds of luck is too high to ignore. 

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When Crypto made its way to the gambling world, it didn't take long for Baccarat games to pop up at all the crypto casino websites. So today, we'll look at exactly how you can enjoy your favorite table game from the comfort of your home using cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrency Baccarat vs regular Baccarat: What's the difference?

Baccarat is often known as "the gentlemens" game. You can place a bet with the "Banker" or with the "Player" in order to win; you must place a bet on the side that draws cards as close to 9 as possible. If you win, you'll double your money. If you lose, well you can take that loss and move on to the next round. There are also additional bets, such as the "tie" and the "pairs," which can throw spanners into the works. 

What makes the game so great is that the house edge sits at just 1.06% (for comparison, Roulette has a 5.25% house edge). So there are a few differences that come in to play when using cryptocurrencies. The first major difference is that you're not in a casino, but you'll be playing online. That generally means you'll be lacking the same sort of experience that traditional casinos provide. This is why crypto casinos include additional features such as VIP programs, live dealers, promotions, and more. It's all to enhance the user experience so that you will feel like you in a physical casino that's on your side!

So you might ask yourself, why play using cryptocurrencies? There are multiple reasons to answer that question. 


  • Provably Fair: Baccarat comes in two forms when using a crypto casino. Either through a live casino stream or Video Baccarat, where it's a 2D graphical game. In this case, most crypto casinos will implement "provably fair" gameplay. This is basically a system that allows the player to know that each bet they place provides a 100% fair result that was not altered by the casino owners. 

    Since you'll be playing online and you'll need to "trust" the software, provably fair results are essential. If a casino doesn't use provably fair results for video baccarat, we suggest avoiding it at all costs. 

  • Live Casino: Although you might not be in a physical casino, you might still want to experience the full casino experience. Well, using a live dealer is the best way to enhance your experience. We have a page explaining live dealers.

  • Location: Playing online opens doors to play from any location in the world. You won't need to worry about local gambling laws (if you have the right VPN), or the distance to the closest casino. You just need to jump to your computer, open the website, and you'll be in a game of baccarat in no time!

  • Anonymity: Naturally, using crypto allows users to remain anonymous in their games. In a world that pushes a narrative that you can't remain anonymous, crypto is a victory point. Your funds are your funds, and nobody needs to know what you're doing with them.  


  • Market Volatility: The elephant in the room… Crypto can tank in just a few hours. Unfortunately, it's a reality we can not deny, but it's a part of the game! On the flip side, there's a chance you could walk away with "extra winnings" as the price of your chosen token goes up. 

  • Experience: While playing baccarat using a crypto casino is awesome, it simply can not beat the feeling of entering a traditional casino and joining a group of men in a game of baccarat. As mentioned above, online casinos do their best to counteract this and enhance the user experience. 

How to play crypto Baccarat

If you're reading this article, you probably know the basics of how Baccarat works already. We aren't looking at how you can play the game in general; for that, you can read here. Today I'll provide the steps on how you can use crypto to play baccarat. 

Step 1: Find the right casino for you. There are hundreds of crypto casinos out there… each has its own perks but most. We've made this step easier for you, take a look at our crypto casino reviews here. You want to look for casinos that have a good reputation, provide anonymity, have live dealers/provably fair gameplay, and the best promotions to make it all the more worth it. 

Step 2: Sign up. Once you've found the casino that works for you, you'll need to create an account. Most crypto casinos will ask for

  • An email address

  • A password

  • Your age

You will likely need to confirm your email address. If you're playing in a country that doesn't allow for online gambling, the site does use javascript to track your current location. This can be frustrating, but it's set according to the regulators. NB: Some online casinos allow for a log in using Metamask/ WalletConnect for ease of use. 

Step 3: Deposit. As long as you have a basic understanding of how cryptocurrency works and how to transfer funds, this should be an easy step. When you've logged into the casino, you'll see a "deposit" button. This is usually at the top of the screen and is clear (sometimes, you'll just see an image of a wallet.)

Tap deposit, and the page will show you your own personal wallet address. Make sure you're on the right cryptocurrency and network before sending any coins through. There is usually a QR code as well to make things easier, and if you're using Metamask logins, the plugin should open up. 

Most crypto casinos use "instant deposits," which means you'll just need a single confirmation on the blockchain for your funds to show up. If it takes more than 15 minutes for your we suggest contacting support. Step 4: Jump into a game of baccarat! It's finally time to place your bets and start winning. There should be a search function on the casino. From here you can search for "baccarat" and all the tables available should show up. 

If you're choosing the live dealer route, then your crypto assets will likely be "converted to USD" during your gameplay. But as soon as you leave the table, the funds are transferred back to crypto and added to your site balance. Once you're done, we don't suggest leaving your funds on the website for long, so withdraw your winnings right away. 

Tips and tricks

There is no surefire to beat the casino, the saying "the house always wins" holds its weight. That being said, as long as you know when to stop, there are a few tricks of the trade

  • Martingale: The Martingale method is easily the most popular method trick that people use in Baccarat. Some casinos even ban this. The method works as follows:

Place a "Base bet" (this should be as low as possible to avoid risks)

When you lose, you double the bet. 

Carry on doubling the bet until you eventually win. This way, you cover all your losses and walk away with the profit of the base bet. There is always a risk of losing all your funds with this method.

  • Reverse Martingale: The reverse Martingale is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of doubling your funds on a loss, you double your funds on a win. When playing this method, you must have a set goal, such as resetting to your base bet after 5 wins in a row. When you lose, you'll only lose a portion of your funds, but when you win, you'll walk away with a massive multiplier of that base bet. 

  • Bankers Hand: Baccarat is fairly simple for the most part, but there are a few rules that can complicate the gameplay. When looking into all the rules, you may find that the banker will take the win more often than the player. In the end, the house edge of the Banker's hand is 1.06%, and the Players hand is 1.24%. Even though the difference is small, it does mean that the banker's hand is technically the better hand.

  • High Hopes: Although this method does come with risks, there are also high rewards. In Baccarat, if you tie, both sides get their funds back, but you can also bet on the tie in which you'll receive a massive multiplier. Alternatively, you can bet on either the bank or the player drawing a pair. On a win, you'll receive massive multipliers as well. 

  • Rakeback/Promotions: Due to the popularity of the game, many casinos will run promotions on baccarat. Search for casinos that run tournaments and similar, and you could be walking away with extra profits. The same goes for casinos that offer the best Rakeback. Some casinos provide up to 65% Rakeback on all losses, which could help you lower that house edge even more and even your chances against the casino.


Playing baccarat with crypto is easy, enjoyable, and if you do it right, anonymous! The baccarat game may have started in the 1400s, but it's staying more relevant than ever. So jump into a game of baccarat and get winning. Here are a few of the crypto casinos we'd suggest you try for baccarat. (Most Baccarat Tables)

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