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Full review on Crypto Prophecies: What happened to Crypto Prophecies?

CryptoProphecies is a price prediction crypto game where players battle each other to see who can best prophesy the current market. The game became extremely popular during the 2021 crypto burst but has since fallen out of the public eye. With major blows to its token and downward pressure of market conditions, the Crypto Prophecies team believe that it is no longer viable to keep The Crypto Prophecies game running… at least until the next bull run.


November 2020, Game realeased on March 2021
TCP, Prophet NFTs and in-game items
Game style
Price Prediction, PVP

What is Crypto Prophecies?

The Crypto Prophecies game can be quite enjoyable and challenging. With options of the PVE and the PVP game modes, there is always a game to be played. Once you're in a duel, the objective is fairly straightforward. 

A candle representing the real-time price of BTC goes up or down for 10 seconds. During the ten seconds, you can predict whether the candle will end in red (down) or green (up). The sooner you place your "prophecy", the more points you will earn (or lose). 

Whoever has the most points after 10 rounds wins the game and the pot. The game gets complicated as each "Prophet" (Character NFTs) has its own abilities. These abilities work similarly to Pokemon characters. Each Prophet has their own powers. Users can also purchase staffs, capes, wands, and pets for greater abilities. 

The idea behind the game is quite fun, and adding options to stake some $TCP during the round makes for some intense battles. 

Unfortunately, the Crypto Prophecies team have paused production of the game, and is in the process of delisting the token. On their Telegram, the team posted the following message:

"Due to the constant downward pressure of market conditions, it is no longer viable to keep The Crypto Prophecies game running. The team have worked hard to innovate and constantly deliver above and beyond our road map scope, but sadly our runway has run out. The TCP markets will be gracefully delisted on exchanges".


  • Enjoyable gameplay

  • Well thought-out and advanced battle mechanics


  • Production of the game halted

  • Token pumped and dumped recently due to low market cap

  • Almost two years in, and the game is still in Beta

What is the Crypto Prophecies Native Token?

Although the Crypto Prophecies game once had a massive following, a daily volume in the millions, and potential. In the last year, the market turmoil and various other factors caused the token to virtually lose all of its value. Once trading at an all-time high of $0.45, the tokens value has dropped a near 97% since.

$TCP (​​The Crypto Prophecies)
250,000,000 (115,000.000 circulating supply)
Current Price

The token's past could halt its value for the future, but we should note that there is still a following for the game. Currently, the market cap sits at a consistent $450,000 despite the team's recent choices.

The Crypto Prophecies team has opted to halt the creation of the game "until the next bull run." With this in mind, the token is susceptible to pump and dumps (As seen in the image below).

A pump and dump of the TCP token in January 2023.

Can I make money from Crypto Prophecies?

You can no longer play-to-earn crypto on Crypto Prophecies. Although the game once gave opportunities to gamble your tokens, the team has chosen to halt the production of the game until the next bull run. This is likely a nice way of letting the active community know that the game has died. The game is still available to play in PVE mode, but you won't be earning anything from Crypto Prophecies.

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