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Introducing CoinFlip and MineSweeper

Georgios by Georgios · December 7, 2022

Today we are bringing you two more newly released crypto game types which have us extremely excited! The mechanics mix old with new and bring a feeling of nostalgia with the energetic rush of 2020’s face paced gaming style.

Today we bring you Crypto Coin Flip and Casino Minesweeper.

Crypto CoinFlip

It is as simple as you would imagine, with high stakes and instant winnings. You select heads or tails, and the outcome is up to the Coin gods.

How does it work?

You simply select if the coin is going to land on heads or tails, click “Flip” and the coin flips seductively on the screen and lands as it should. Depending on your bet, and your choice of heads or tails and where the coin lands, depends on whether or not you win. As simple as that. Most online casinos will provide you with a multiplayer feature which will have leaderboards so you can see how you rank against other CoinFlipping enthusiasts.

We have seen casinos that offer different coin gaming modes which makes this simple game more exciting. There are also lightning bonus features which can offer up to 20 times your wager.

There are other game types which offer “Double or Nothing” options as well, which gives you a second chance on the same bet and as the name states, you can double your initial bet or lose the bet completely. With a crisp RTP of 96% this will definitely keep you playing for a long while.

Where to play?

  • Cloudbet is coming to you with CoinFlip2 which is a table game version. You choose a face for a crown for heads or tails and you can increase and decrease your bet between flips which helps manage your expectations.

  • Betfury has a very warm and welcoming version of the game with the leaderboard just to the right of the board. The double up feature kicks in when you are ready to flip and it gives you a great opportunity to rack up those coins.

Crypto Minesweeper

Out with the new and in with the old! Yes you read that right, casinos are taking the classic style of this retro game and bringing it into the 2020s with a little flare and a lot of winning potential! I have come across a great new adaptation of an older game and when I say it is awesome, I am toning it down. When I saw this is now available in the casino format, I was just too excited to tell you all about it!

Remember when you were sitting at your desk in the early to mid 90s and that document was just not interesting enough to work on, but you had Minesweeper (automatically installed nonetheless) and you just couldn’t resist to open it up, give it a few clicks until those blue, red and green numbers turned into a little black dot of doom? I have some great news!

It’s back, and with a vengeance! This time you get to win cash prizes instead of the token smiling face of before. It’s like the game grew up and started paying salaries.

How does it work?

The point of the game is to uncover the blocks on the board without triggering a bomb, or mine. You can left click on a block to uncover the block which will reveal either a 1, 2, 3, 4 or mine icon. If you feel like you have found a mine based on your other reveal, you right click on that block for it to place a flag and protect you from the potential mine. If you successfully reveal all the numbers without triggering a bomb, you win the round.

Some casinos have different skill levels, so you can choose between easy for a smaller board, intermediate for a medium sized board, and expert for a larger board. The stakes increase with the bigger boards. For example, if you are playing on the easiest level, the average payout would be 3:2 with 12 mines on the board, whereas on the expert level with a bigger grid, there are 32 mines with a 4:1 payout. Casino Minesweeper has a confident RTP of 97%, which is at least 2% higher than the average casino game RTP at a steady 95%.

Where to play

  • CryptoLeo brings you a fun, 3D version of the game where you are given 12 rows of grass like texture and you select what you think is not the bomb and it automatically puts up a flag for you. The sound effects are fully immersive and super dramatic, giving you one of the most exciting game rounds.

  • has a different version of the game available simply called “Mines” where you simply select boxes which reveals either a diamond or a bomb. It is a safe option as you can cash out at any point of your game and safeguard your winnings, until you reach the bomb that is.


No matter which generation you come from, these “old school” turned “new school” games are a real hoot and are always an exciting and simpler way to get some cash in your Crypto wallets and in your pocket. We strongly recommend giving these games a shot. They are also fully mobile integrated on the casinos we have mentioned which makes for a good time passing while in those situations where you don’t feel like an intensive gaming session.

We do come to remind you though, both these types of games are heavily reliant on Random Number Generator and there are no real “tricks” to these games. Lady Luck holds the outcome in her hand so be sure to monitor your spending and most of all, enjoy them for what they are worth!

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