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Introducing CoinFlip

Tristyn by Tristyn · December 7, 2022

Ever played the game Heads or Tails? Crypto CoinFlip is exactly that! This newly released game is taking the crypto gambling industry by storm and players are lining up to test their luck. Want to find out more? Today, we’ll be covering everything there is to know about Crypto CoinFlip!

Crypto casinos are home to thousands of innovative games with a slight twist to conventional online casinos. Yet, amidst the multiple options lies CoinFlip. The game is as simple as you would imagine, with high stakes and instant winnings. You select heads or tails, and the outcome is up to the Coin gods. But, what’s the catch?

How does it work?

There are several takes on the traditional game of heads and tails, every crypto casino variant differs slightly from the other. However, the game mechanisms of CoinFlip remain the same.

You simply select if the coin is going to land on heads or tails, click “Flip” and the coin flips seductively on the screen and lands as it should. Depending on your bet, your choice of heads or tails, and where the coin lands, depends on whether or not you win. Each flip 

As simple as that. Most online casinos will provide you with a multiplayer feature which will have leaderboards so you can see how you rank against other CoinFlipping enthusiasts.

We have seen casinos that offer different coin gaming modes which makes this simple game more exciting. There are also lightning bonus features that can offer up to 20 times your wager.

There are other game types that offer “Double or Nothing” options as well, which gives you a second chance on the same bet, and as the name states, you can double your initial bet or lose the bet completely. With a crisp RTP of 96%, this will keep you playing for a long while.

What strategies should you try?

Strategies are by no means an assured method to beat the casino at a game of chance like CoinFlip. The odds of winning are 50/50, each time the coin is flipped it could either land on Heads or Tails. Despite this, some players would suggest that there are a few strategies to ousting this game. In that case, it wouldn't hurt to mention a few:

The Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is by far one of the most commonly used strategies for any crypto game. The strategy employs the premise that eventually, a player will win a game and be able to recover their losses. Players must gradually increase the betting amount after each consecutive loss. 

Reverse Martingale strategy

The reverse martingale strategy is a popular method used by gamblers to structure their bets. The strategy starts with a base bet and if a player wins, they double their bet in the next round. If they lose, they return to their base bet. The process is repeated until a player hits a winning streak and cashes out their winnings.

The D’Alembert strategy

Another popular betting strategy used for CoinFlip is the D'Alembert strategy. For this strategy, players increase their betting amount by 1x after each consecutive flip. Whether they win or lose, the chances of winning big increase significantly.

Tips for Success

CoinFlip enthusiasts can significantly enhance their gaming experience when taking a strategic approach to the game. Here’s how to ensure you maintain control and keep having fun with Crypto CoinFlip:

  1. Set a budget: Winners are players who know when to stop playing. Set a budget before you start playing and stick to it.

  2. Demo-version: Demo versions of the game are offered at several crypto casinos that allow you to play for free and mitigate the risk of losing your crypto.

  3. Consider RTP: High RTP games offer better returns for players and therefore are the go-to for players.

  4. Provably fair: Provably fair casinos allow players to validate the fairness of their bets and are a safer option.

  5. Use bonuses: Crypto casinos are notorious for offering free spins and deposit matches. Players can use these bonuses to their advantage and increase their winnings.

Where to play?

  • Cloudbet is coming to you with CoinFlip2 which is a table game version. You choose a face for a crown for heads or tails and you can increase and decrease your bet between flips which helps manage your expectations.

  • Stake Casino is a top casino brand with huge betting limits, VIP program, thousands of crypto games, Enhanced RTP, and weekly promotions. The casino offers a wide selection of CoinFlip games from top providers. 

  • BC.Game is considered one of the best crypto casinos on the planet. The platform features over 10,000 games and offers four deposit bonuses. But let’s not forget, the casino has its own provably fair version of CoinFlip with exclusive bonuses. 

  • HUGEwin claims to be the world’s largest online crypto casino with some super high withdrawal limits up to 5,000,000. The casino features over 2000 casino games including a Coins Dare2Win variant from Hacksaw Gaming. In addition, there’s a handsome 100% deposit match of up to $1,000 for first-time players.

  • Betfury has a very warm and welcoming version of the game with the leaderboard just to the right of the board. The double-up feature kicks in when you are ready to flip and it gives you a great opportunity to rack up those coins.


No matter which generation you come from, these “old school” turned “new school” games are a real hoot and are always an exciting and simpler way to get some cash in your Crypto wallets and in your pocket. We strongly recommend giving these games a shot. They are also fully mobile integrated on the casinos we have mentioned which makes for a good time passing while in those situations where you don’t feel like an intensive gaming session.

We do come to remind you though, both these types of games are heavily reliant on Random Number Generator and there are no real “tricks” to these games. Lady Luck holds the outcome in her hand so be sure to monitor your spending and most of all, enjoy them for what they are worth!


How to play CoinFlip with crypto?

CoinFlip is a Bitcoin variant of the ‘Heads or Tails’ game. In essence, players wager an amount and select ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ on their screen. The coin will then flip, and depending on where it lands, they win or lose.  

Which is the best CoinFlip strategy?

CoinFlip is a game of probability and chance. There isn’t one strategy which works best for the game, however, the Martingale strategy is by far the most popular of all.

What are a player’s odds on CoinFlip?

CoinFlip is a game of chance and probability. There are only two sides to a coin and therefore players have a 50/50 chance of winning. 

Is CoinFlip fair?

CoinFlip is a popular game occurring at several crypto casinos. Most crypto casinos offer provably fair variants of the game for players. 

Where to play CoinFlip?

CoinFlip is a popular game and is available at most crypto casinos. The game often features as an in-house game, with several variations. 

Which crypto casinos has CoinFlip provably fair?

We’ve included 5 of the top Crypto CoinFlip casinos in our list. All of the crypto casinos featured in our list offer provably fair CoinFlip. 

What’s the house edge on CoinFlip?

CoinFlip is a 50/50 game of chance, as there are only two sides to a coin flip. However, realistically the game has a 1% house edge in favor of the casino.