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Top Crypto Casino Faucets

A crypto faucet is a platform or game that drips or distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies, like a leaking faucet (hence the name). The concept is pretty simple: users complete a captcha human verification and click a button to claim a reward every determined amount of time, usually ranging from 1 to 24 hours.

What is a Crypto Casino Faucet?

In essence, a faucet monetizes your time/ spent on the site or platform and rewards it in the form of cryptocurrencies. Depending on the model, free faucet sites that mostly just offer ways to earn (rather than spend it) source the rewards from advertising revenue and referring their users to other partners of the crypto industry. Providers that offer additional products such as predictions, sports betting and casino games do not really have to spend or pay those rewards, since the reward itself is tied to a rollover requirement that isn’t met 100% of the time.

Now, Crypto faucet casinos can occasionally give free cash prices from the start, when it is deemed to be a user acquisition strategy. You see, acquiring new users of a casino can be quite expensive and lucrative depending on the country, and offering a free cash prize to acquire hundreds or thousands of users may be more effective than simply running the same advertisements in multiple sites. That being said, prizes are likely going to be relatively small with the expectation that the winner gambles at least a fraction of it, effectively reducing the overall cost for the company.

Alternatively, the best casinos provide faucets as a tool to incentivize loyalty and active usage of the site, because very often new users “burn” an account in one casino and move out to the next one because it makes more sense to start over benefiting from the deposit bonuses that the new casino may offer.

In general terms, the faucets pay really small amounts ranging from 1 to 500 sats (or several Bitcoin, back in the early days). They have relatively high withdrawal limits and transaction fees, so it is worth prioritizing your time on the top crypto casino faucets as they offer the most lucrative opportunities not only to earn but also to multiply your earnings and to save a bit also on withdrawal fees.

How to earn Crypto Faucet

Crypto faucets are awarded to players in tokens, small increments of crypto, or through redeemable rewards for completing tasks. There are several types of tasks a player can complete to earn a faucet, including:

  • Completing CAPTCHAs

  • Playing mini-games

  • Watching product videos

  • Filling out surveys

  • Staking tokens

So, with so many rewards on offer, how does one get started at a crypto faucet casino?

How to get started at Crypto Faucet Casino

Registering at a free faucet crypto casino is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes. Follow a few easy steps, and you’ll be able to start earning from a crypto faucet.

Step 1: Find a Crypto Casino

The first step is to choose a crypto casino with a crypto faucet feature. There are plenty of free faucet crypto casinos to choose from, including; Fortunejack, BC.Game,, BetFury, and more!

Step 2: Create an Account

Next, you’ll need to register and create an account. Click on the “Register” or “Sign Up” button to create an account.

Step 3: Fund Your Account

After registering an account and signing you can deposit funds using the cryptocurrency accepted by the casino.

Step 4. Browse for Crypto Faucet Incentives

Last but not least, you’ll need to search the casino for the faucet incentive to earn crypto rewards. Complete the tasks at your own pace and win!

Step 5: Start Playing

Lastly, you can begin gambling with your free faucet at the casino. The top crypto casino faucet allows you to play games without the risk of losing your own money.

Top Crypto Faucet Casinos

Fortune Jack - Majetic 7|Football Prediction Game

Faucet Type
Football Prediction Game
Claim Time
$25 & $50 free bets and up to $1,000
Verified Account

Fortune Jack is a full-fledged casino with over 3200 games, including slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, a sportsbook, and its very own free crypto faucet casino. The casino and sportsbook offer multiple traditional funding options as well as over 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

While it isn’t listed as a faucet, the Majestic 7 free-to-play game rewards you for predicting the 7 goal scorers of 7 football matches every week. Sure, there is a little luck and knowledge involved, but the prizes really make up for it: $25 free bet for predicting 5 of the 7 goalscorers, $50 for predicting 6 of 7, $10,000 for predicting all 7, and finally $1000 for successfully predicting 100 goalscorers throughout the season.

The combination of prices and entertainment makes Fortune Jack’s Majestic 7 one of the best crypto faucet casinos. Keep in mind that all crypto faucet casinos have terms & conditions, so make sure to read them, before committing to it.|Simple Faucet & Wheel of Fortune

Faucet Type
  • Simple Faucet
  • Wheel of Fortune
Claim Time
  • Hourly
  • Daily (but more rolles can be obtained)
  • 3 to 292338 Satoshis (roughly, up to $200)
  • 40 sats ($0.02), up to a Rolex watch
Registered Account is not a free faucet crypto casino itself, but it is associated with Dplay casino, a full-fledged casino that offers thousands of video slot games, instant and crash games, and live tables from the most popular betting games providers. started as a simple free faucet that users could click every hour and earn a small amount of satoshis. Understandably, with the rise of Bitcoin, these rewards have decreased over time, but that hasn’t stopped the team from improving the faucet and introducing more options to grow your rewards.

Currently, this free crypto faucet casino pays from 0.00000003 to 0.00292338 BTC depending on the rarity of the number you roll at every claim, in addition to 2 reward points. These reward points can be used to increase the base reward of satoshis, reward points, or even gain FUN tokens for every roll in addition to all the basic rewards.

The FUN token is a IGaming token that can be used to get higher interest on your BTC holdings in the faucet or to fund your account in Dplay casino.’s crypto faucet casino also has a secondary faucet in the form of the Wheel of Fortune. On a daily basis, every registered user receives a promotional email with a wheel of Fortune at the bottom. Prizes from the Wheel of Fortune go from various amounts of Satoshis to Amazon gift cards, Iphones and even a Rolex watch.

BC.Game|Wheel of Fortune

Faucet Type
Wheel of Fortune
Claim Time
Daily (but more rolls can be obtaine)
Up to 500 USDT
Verified Account is another full fledged casino, sportsbook (including esports), bingo and a commendably fluid UP/DOWN trading & futures game. You can find a full detailed breakdown of the platform and promotions here, for now we will focus on its crypto faucet casino:

BC.Game offers a free crypto faucet casino in the form of a Wheel of Fortune that can be rolled on a daily basis. Members of the VIP Club get an extra spin of the wheel starting from level 8 and get one additional spin for each level-up, starting from level 8. The prizes of the Wheel of Fortune go from roughly $1 in stablecoins or top cryptocurrencies up to 500 USDT.

Betfury|Fury Wheel

Faucet Type
Wheel of Fortune
Claim Time
12 hours (but more rolls can be obtained)
Up to 1 BTC, 3 BTC and 5 BTC (depending on rank)
$3000 worth of wagers placed

Betfury, similar to BC.Game, is another casino and sportsbook with a slightly higher focus on trading, futures, crypto staking, and swapping. Betfury also has its own free crypto casino faucet in the form of a Wheel of Fortune. New users can roll the Wheel of Fortune to earn Funfair tokens that can be used to place bets on selected games but cannot be claimed until you reach rank 2.

Reaching rank 2 involves placing $3000 worth of bets, and it’s only then where the free crypto faucet casino gets really interesting. The Wheel of Fortune, or Fury Wheel in this case, gives users a chance to earn up to 1 BTC per roll. Ranking up your account further can even give you access to the Top crypto casino faucet, this elite version of the Fury Wheel has prizes of up to 3 BTC and up to 5 BTC, depending on your rank.


Faucet Type
Staking and holding rewards
Claim Time
Tokens are awarded to players with every bet placed
TFS tokens
Verified Account

FairSpin is a legitimate and licensed crypto casino with a fully-fledged sportsbook and thousands of exciting casino games. The operator is known for offering new players generous staking rewards and TFS tokens. After signing up at the casino, which only requires a DOB and email address, you’ll be gifted 200 free TFS tokens. 

Players can stake the tokens through the casino’s exclusive Play2Earn program and earn rakebacks. The longer the player stakes the TFS tokens, the more rewards they’ll earn. You’ll also receive additional tokens to use on the casino and potentially win amazing prizes.

Fairspin Casino offers lucrative deposit bonuses for first-time players. When making your first deposit, you’ll receive a 450% deposit match and 140 free spins.


Are crypto casino faucets free to use?

All crypto casino faucets are free to use, but they will require you to create an account in order to accumulate the small amounts of cryptocurrencies. Some of the top crypto faucet casinos will pay significantly higher rewards but with great prizes, come higher requirements.

Why are captchas in free crypto faucet casinos so slow?

Captchas are intended to be difficult to prevent users from exploiting the system through the use of bots. Additionally, heavy site traffic can also impact the speed and responsiveness of these sites. Relatively amateur sites often prioritize advertising revenue from users' time on the site rather than optimizing for user experience. On the contrary, top crypto faucet casinos cannot afford to have a slow user experience and are more likely to offer a fast and responsive site, as well as better prizes.

Are there any anonymous free faucet crypto casinos?

Yes, there are a handful of anonymous free faucet crypto casinos on the market. is an anonymous crypto casino that features a free crypto faucet.

Which is the highest paying crypto casino faucet?

The highest paying free crypto faucet casino is BC.Game, with up to 500 USDT in prizes and no real requirements beyond creating and verifying the account.

The highest paying crypto faucet casino overall is Betfury’s Fury Wheel, with top prizes ranging from 1, 3, and 5 BTC depending on your loyalty level. While a $3000 wager history is a considerable sum, the chance of winning up to 1 BTC every 12 hours seems like a great deal.

How can I automatize the claim on a free crypto faucet casino ?

There are many bots and scripts you can use to automate the process, but we won’t be disclosing them because of the risks. The free crypto faucet casinos, as well as other faucets, have terms and conditions that specify the usage of these tools will invalidate your claims, meaning you would waste your time trying to set up the bot because they won’t pay any of the rewards you earn.

Where can I find Crypto Casino Faucet?

Most crypto casinos offer free faucets as an incentive for players. You can find free crypto faucets at all of the casinos we’ve listed above.

Are crypto faucet casinos worthy of your time?

Most free crypto faucet casinos pay small amounts, so don't quit your job yet. The answer to whether free crypto faucet casinos are worthy of your time is relative. In comparison to traditional employment, free faucets may not seem worthwhile.

If you're already spending time on a computer or phone, using free faucets can be a convenient way to earn extra cryptocurrency, especially when considering the top crypto casino faucets. Consider also that with the inevitable increase in Bitcoin's value over time, these small amounts of satoshis earned from faucets may grow in value significantly.

Additionally, free crypto faucet casinos offer an opportunity to earn a small amount of crypto that can be multiplied, with some luck in the casino or knowledge in the sportsbooks. Even if you end up losing, the money didn’t come directly out of your pocket, and you still enjoyed free entertainment.

Can I earn real money from free crypto faucet casinos?

Of course, you can. Some of these free crypto faucet casinos have been around since the early days of crypto and have paid entire Bitcoins per claim. While Bitcoin wasn’t worth much in those days, you can have an idea of how much it appreciated in value over time. The key is to find the top crypto casino faucets that provide the highest paying rewards and offer multiple games to maximize the total reward, all while having fun in the process.

Is Crypto Casino Faucet safe to use?

All the free faucet crypto casinos we’ve included in our list are safe to use and licensed.

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