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How & where to gamble while remaining anonymous

Tristyn by Tristyn · April 24, 2024

What better way to game online, than anonymously? In this article I discuss how to play online without having to reveal your identity to the casino, where you can play, win, and withdraw anonymously using a few handy tips.

The Guide

  • Step 1: Switch on your VPN. A VPN is a nifty tool that changes your location. It also doubles up as a line security system so when you are playing in a casino that doesn't allow your region, the VPN hides where you are really from. My go-to VPN is Tunnel Bear.

    It is free to use and has a really fun interface. You can select the region you want to play in from a drop slot and you watch the bear tunnel to the region. You also get an allocated amount of data transfer before you need to upgrade, but it lasts quite long when you are gaming. There are of course other options of VPNs available. Urban VPN for example, is a Chrome extension VPN which means that you can only use it when gaming through Google Chrome. And then there are paid services, such as Express VPN which offers a 30 day free trial and thereafter have different packages to suit your needs.

  • Step 2: Next thing to do is register a new, specific, email address for the types of gaming I am looking to do, my go-to there is Gmail. It's super safe and easy to use. There is no real verification required besides asking for a first and last name and mobile number (which you can get a prepaid or burner phone for). Hotmail and Yahoo mail tend to force casino mailers to the spam folders, so if you opt for those be sure to check your spam folders for casino promotions and communications.

    There is also the option of temporary emails; addresses ending in and other never seen before names. Some operators will identify this as a temporary email address and won't allow you to register. Many others will allow it though so it can be a very useful tool in gambling anonymously.

  • Step 3: I do also suggest for your anonymity, choose casinos that use cryptocurrency depositing methods and accept prepaid cards instead of credit or debit cards only. This helps when it comes to keeping your information safe and sound. Prepaid cards do come with a fee when purchasing them, as do cryptocurrencies, however both are minimal and can easily be settled or won back once you are ready to rumble. When it comes to crypto, we recommend Monero for an additional level of anonymity.

There are of course limitations of when KYC will be requested, for example, at the withdrawal phase KYC may be requested from you, and I will be providing you with various options below for both these types of casinos. As with all good things, saying a casino is Anonymous has different meanings. A good way of gauging if the casino is going to want your KYC is on their registration page, if they just ask for your email address and a password on registration it is less likely they will request KYC up front, only on withdrawal if at all.

Let’s explain what the difference in the “Anonymous” varieties of casinos are:

  • Not Anonymous: KYC is Mandatory

  • Anonymous: Requested KYC is needed

  • Slightly Anonymous: KYC required on withdrawal only

  • Totally Anonymous: No KYC required at all

I will only be discussing the Slightly and Totally Anonymous casinos in this article, as those are really the only ones we prefer, for everyone’s safety.

Totally Anonymous Casinos

To start off with, let’s take a look at LTC Casino as the first casino to review for anonymity. They guarantee that they will not ask for any form of identification during the registration or withdrawal process. They pay out withdrawals instantly, and promote the use of VPNs to protect your identity. Registration took me roughly 2 minutes, as you are required to verify your account through an email link. They have all my favourite games, and currency types, and service providers all available in one place. You can change the currency you initially selected on registration, and you can withdraw accordingly.

Another great casino found which does not require any form of documentation for verification purposes is The only downfall is that BCH (BitCoin Cash) is the only currency they accept. There is a social window on the main casino where you can see who is playing what and which are the hot games for the time you are playing. There is also an instantly updated leaderboard on the casino lobby which will help with this. We return to an old favourite (and faithful if you will) Bitcoin Video Casino. From the get go, they state that they do not collect personal information and playing with them is completely anonymous. Their game offerings are slightly more limited, but when your anonymity is up for grabs, sometimes less is more as with this casino.

Slightly Anonymous Casinos

PiratePlay claims to not request KYC on withdrawal. While doing some investigations, they do not specifically stipulate this in their terms and conditions, but I did speak to a chat representative and they confirmed that if you deposit using a specific cryptocurrency and withdraw to the same Currency, there will be no KYC required. I have placed this under Slightly Anonymous due to that clause in their withdrawal process, which does not seem to be very public knowledge.

Let’s take as our next casino: The intrigue and pull for this casino is that they only accept crypto deposits and withdrawals. Looking through their terms and conditions, they will only start asking for KYC at the point where a player makes a lifetime total of deposits exceeding € 2000 (or its equivalent in any other country, so roughly $ 2200 or £ 1800). Also, once you initiate a withdrawal of any amount, KYC will be requested from you. If you do not pass the KYC process, then you will not make additional deposits or withdrawals of any amount.

The next casino we are taking a look at is CryptoLeo. A very pretty looking website, clean, sleek and easy to navigate. They are not very clear on when exactly KYC is requested, however, they are very clear about their intentions with the KYC documents. These are requested on your withdrawal, irrespective of the amount you are looking to withdraw.

Another casino I am going to slot in here with the Slightly Anonymous Casinos is TrustDice. There is no where specific stated when KYC will be requested, but it may be requested at some point. They are very welcoming when it comes to Crypto Currencies as they are their preferred depositing method.

Whichever type of casino you are comfortable playing in, being anonymous will always benefit you in the end. We strongly recommend trying out an anonymous casino first, and be sparing with it, but it is definitely worth checking out for your safety and security when trying to play “off the grid”. As always, take a quick read through any of the Casinos you sign up with, just to safeguard yourself from any loopholes these casinos have up their sleeves. We are always looking out for the best for you in all the right places.