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Introducing Bitcoin Crash

Tristyn by Tristyn · June 27, 2024

Crypto casinos have become the ultimate online gambling platform for players with thousands of crypto games on offer. Bitcoin Crash is particularly popular amongst players because of its high multiplier and increased odds.Today, we’ll explain how the game works, how to play it, and where to play.

up to 25% cashback
No welcome offer
300% up to $20,000 (tiered)
100% match up to 5 BTC

The Crash game has been designed to peak the interests of those who have a passion for crypto gambling. It is a very simple game where you place a bet, and watch the price grow and your winnings increase, or it crashes and all winnings are lost.

How does it Work?

You place your bet prior to a game round starting, they usually range from quite low to quite high depending on the crypto casino. The Multiplier will then start running when the round is announced. Traditionally it starts at 1 and will increase over a specified time frame. And then you withdraw when you feel like it may have reached its peak, and hopefully before it crashes. You are entitled to withdraw at any time during the round. When you do withdraw, the multiplier at the point of withdrawal gets added to your bet, and that is what your winnings would be. So if we look at an example, you bet $20 and your multiplier gets up to 3.5, and you withdraw, your winnings would be $70. The downside of this simple game is that if you don’t withdraw in time, and the multiplier crashes, you lose everything.

Most BTC crash games look the same as what you would see when watching the crypto graphs, with a few variants here and there for a more personal or casino-specific feel and theme. I have seen a plane in flight which was quite a fun spin on this very basic game.

Most variations of this game have a leaderboard-style table of your fellow Bitcoin crash players and you can see how the game is hitting with other players dropping out earlier or later as you will only be granted your wins at the end of the round, it is also really interesting to see who else won or lost according to their time on the round.

This game is very gripping and exciting as you never know when the Crash is going to hit and it keeps you on the edge of your seat while watching the graph increase and the multiplier shoot up.

As this crypto game is heavily reliant on random algorithms, there are no known strategies. We will always look for these and let you know, of course, however, there is no likelihood of a “hack” or way around it. With that being said, it has been noticed that the common outcomes lie around the 2 x multiplier mark. There have been many higher multipliers seen and posted about, but their likelihood is naturally unlikely and this is a game of sheer luck and wits.

Crypto Crash Strategies

Crash BTC is a game of chance, thus no gambling strategy is guaranteed to have any long-term prospects of success. Many players proclaim to have a “bullet-proof” strategy assured of victory, while others accept the odds of the game.

We’ve always valued players' perspectives and wish to remain opened minded when it comes to what works. Therefore, we’ll take you through some of the most popular crypto crash strategies:

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is no stranger to crypto enthusiasts. The popular strategy is based on the premise that eventually a player will win, and requires you to double your bet after each loss to recover losses. Eventually, you will make a profit when you win. 

Paroli System

While the Martingale strategy tries to mitigate your losses, the Paroli is quite the opposite. The method requires players to make the most of a winning streak and double down on your bet after winning a round. You’ll need to win consecutively for this method to have any luck.

D’Alembert System

The D’ Alembert strategy is somewhat less riskier than other Bitcoin Crash strategies. The method requires players to increase their bets by one after each loss, and decrease their unit by one after a win.

Demo Mode

Most crypto casinos generally offer players a demo mode to test out their games and facilities for free. Playing a few rounds of BTC crash in demo mode for free is always a good option. Getting a feel of how the game works and trying out certain strategies without risking any of your funds is the go-to option for new players.

Realistic strategies

In Bitcoin Crash, every game round is different from the previous rounds and unpredictable. Previous rounds have no influence on the outcome of future rounds and it’s somewhat impossible for a strategy to work.

Perhaps the best strategy for players to implement is Bankroll management. Before playing a few rounds, set aside an idealistic amount you are content with losing. Then stay on top of your winnings and never chase your losses.

Where to Play

Crypto Crash is a popular game with most gaming providers having their own variation of the BTC Crash game. Most of the top crypto casinos feature several versions of the game. However, not all of them are great. Thankfully, our casino experts have identified the best BTC Crash casinos for you to try!


Cloudbet is undoubtedly one of the best Crypto Crash casinos and offers two variations of the game:

  • Aviator is the basic version of the game. As an aeroplane soars through the skies its multiplier increases before it suddenly crashes. The games mechanics are identical to that of other crash games and have a high RTP of 97%.

  • Triple Cash or Crash is themed off the concept of a rocket launching into space with a multiplier increasing as the rocket advances into space. The aim of the game is to have the astronaut eject from his spaceship before it crashes. This BTC Crash game has a RTP of 96%.

Stake Casino

Stake Casino is a top casino brand with an Stake Original Crash game and two other variants:

  • Cash or Crash is the first ever live crash game show where players must place a bet and watch as a machine draws different color balls that mean the difference between winning or losing.

  • Spaceman is an out of space astronaut crash game. As the round starts, a spaceman is launched into space and will ascend across your screen. The objective is to cashout before he crashes out of the sky. The game has a lower RTP of 96.5%.

Vera Casino

Vera Casino is home to 6,500 crypto games and allows players to play completely anonymous. This Bitcoin crash casino features two variations of the game:

  • Crash X which has a great space travelling feel to it. As the rocket launches through the skies, you will see all the planets it passes by, with the crash being quite dramatic with the top 3 astronauts being announced.

  • Crash X Football Edition is as you would imagine, a soccer ball shooting through the stadium. As players withdraw you see team members running away from the ball. The ball bursts on the crash and the top 3 players get a pretty neat looking trophy.


BC.Game has 2 modes of the game, with different multipliers attached.

  • Classic Crash which has a very basic version of the game, no frills no fuss. They have the intention of providing you with the easiest and clearest way to play the game.

  • Trenball mode: you can bet on three different results of the game, but winnings are set by a fixed amount. This is a very interesting variation, but we suggest you get more comfortable with the mechanics before jumping right in.


BetFury is quickly becoming a recognized brand within the crypto gambling community for its wide range of provably fair games. The crypto casino offers two variants of the crypto crash game:

  • BetFury Crash is an in-house original multiplier game with a spaceship theme. Similar to other btc crash games, a spaceship travels through the universe with a multiplier increasing as it advances. The objective of the game is to cashout before the spaceship explodes in mid air. This variant has a 99.02% RTP and is provably fair.  

  • Aviator follows the basic principles of crypto crash games, with an aeroplane taking off into the air with an increasing multiplier. Players must place a wager on how high the multiplier will go before the aeroplane jets off into the sunset.


Crypto Crash is definitely one of the most popular crypto games at the moment. There are hundreds of variants available at leading crypto casinos, all of which are fun to play. In terms of luck, you’ll need some to win big at this game. Otherwise, I suggest you keep a cool head and wager low bets to take home some decent winnings.


What's the highest x(Multiplier) recorded on Crash?

Crypto Crash is a multiplier game with the potential to go 100,000x a player's initial wager. The highest multiplier recorded on a Crash game is 1579596.51x.

Which is the best Crash strategy?

BTC Crash is a game of chance and therefore strategies have no influence on the outcome of the game.

What are my (player's) odds on Crash?

A player's odds on Crash depend on how high they set their multiplier. The higher the multiplier amount wagered, the lower the odds are of winning. A multiplier of 2.00x has a 48% chance of winning.

Is Crash easy to play?

The Crypto Crash game is pretty straightforward and easy to play. Players must place a wager and predict a lower or equal multiplier amount to win.

What's the house edge on Crash?

Crash is a high RTP game with a low house edge. Most crypto casinos offer versions of the game with a 3% house edge.

What variations of crash games exist?

There are hundreds of variations of the crash game. The most popular versions of the game include Spaceman, Aviator, CrashX, and Crash or Cash.

Which crypto casinos have provably fair Crash?

Most crypto casinos offer several variants of the Bitcoin Crash game. BC.Game, Stake Casino, Vera Casino, and Cloudbet have a provably fair version of Crash.

Where to play Crash?

You can find the Crypto Crash game at any of the top crypto casinos on the market. We’ve listed four of the best BTC Crash casinos in our guide for you to try.