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Crypto Hi-Lo

Tristyn by Tristyn · April 14, 2024

HiLo is an exhilarating game of choice and chance, offering fast-paced fun for all involved. While it may sound like a foreign greeting, it's actually much simpler than that.

HiLo’s roots stem from Sic Bo which is an ancient Chinese dice game. It was introduced to the west in the late 20th century and can now be found in almost every single land based and online casino.

At its core, the HiLo crypto game revolves around your ability to predict whether the next card drawn, dice rolled, or number called will be higher or lower than a certain criteria. There's even an option to select "equal to," but don't worry—we'll delve into all the nuances of the game shortly.

How the game works

What you will need to do is decide whether the number called is high (Hi) or low (Lo). It is that simple. Most online crypto casinos offer this in a variety of graphical options but the basic principle remains.

There are also options to choose whether it is equal to the number you wish to choose, and there are some games with additional bonuses for getting a special number. For example, if we take a look at a casino like their magic number is 8888. If you opt in for that roll, you will get additional winnings and massive multipliers.

There are also certain casinos who offer Card Skipping, like Stake. This variation allows you to skip a card that has been drawn if you feel the next bet is too risky for your undertaking. There are limitations to your skip, of course, but it can be deemed fruitful if instead of just hitting every card, a skip once in a while will bulk up your bankroll.

The Rules

This game is as simple as it comes. You set the bet amount, select Hi or Lo and simply click Go. The numbers will roll and you will land on the outcome. If you selected correctly, you have won. And if not, well, you have lost.

You have the option to increase or decrease the multiplier which in turn changes your winnings and losses.

Strategies and Tips

There are quite a number of structured strategies which you can try:

The Martingale strategy

  1. Start by betting using the table minimum on either Higher or Lower

  2. If you win, bet the same amount again.

  3. When you lose, double the size of your previous bet.

  4. Continue doubling your bet after each loss

  5. When you finally win, this should recover your previous losses and earn a small profit

  6. After a win, return to the table minimum on either Higher or Lower.

Low-Risk Strategy

This strategy will help you win small but consistent rounds for long-term success. The margin of large loss is minimized, but so is the margin of high wins.

The point of this strategy is to guarantee a profit, even though it will be small, a profit is still a win.

High-Risk Strategy

This is the hard hitters preference and you go with higher bets and faster draws. This is a double-edged sword though since if you are on a losing streak, or just not reading the table well, you will walk away pretty quickly, but if you are doing well, you will be doing really well.I am a massive fan of Hi Lo and my gaming strategy is to start off slow and gradually increase my bets. I alternate between Hi and Lo regularly and this seems to work well for me.

Suggested coins

This game requires a large amount of patience and mindfulness and for this we suggest trying stable coins such as USDT and USDC. Of course, it is available in Fiat as well on certain platforms, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Whichever coin or deposition option you choose, it would be wise to hone your skills before going in guns blazing.

Where to play

Almost every online casino has a variation of this popular and exciting game. We suggest you try out these fan favorites:

FreeBitco offers you free BTC every hour and you can use this to multiply with this HiLo crypto game. You get a very small portion free and you are able to multiply it and at least learn how the mechanics of the game work.


Stake offers many games, but one of the more popular crypto games is HiLo and it is in-house branded. This is where you have the “skip” option if you feel the odds you see or the card you receive is not to your liking and you can move onto the next to better your chances.


DuckDice only offers crypto HiLo as its game. It is called Dice but it is the same mechanic, where you will select your odds, your bet amount and if you think it’s going to land under 5000 or over 4999. The interface of this casino is more the appeal. It is a hilarious duck themed casino which is a refreshing change to the norm.


At BC.Game you have the option of a few variations of this game, but their in-house provably fair crypto branded version is wonderful! It is animal themed and has a great soundtrack to it. Every time you choose a card the animal makes a relevant sound. It is a heap of fun. BC.Game is also notoriously generous with their promotional offerings and wide variety of coins accepted.


Is HiLo easy to play?

Yes! The basic rules of the game are super easy to understand and it’s incredibly fun.

Which crypto casinos have provably fair HiLo?

If the casino has a Provably fair casino section, you will find HiLo. It is incredibly popular and you will find it almost anywhere.

How long does a HiLo game last?

HiLo has the option to be instant, one click and your results are out, or you can play a few hands and when you are ready to cashout you simply click that button.

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