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Cryptocurrency Roulette: How it works and where to play

Georgios by Georgios · November 15, 2022

Roulette has always been one of the most popular games at any casino, it has the lowest house edge, and players can know if the casino is doing anything dodgy to increase win chances… and how can we forget the excitement of hitting that number 0 for a massive payout. Because of its popularity, it was always going to do well in the crypto space. So today, we're going to go over everything you need to know about crypto roulette.

If you know how to play roulette with cryptos and wish to play immediately, these are our crypto casino suggestions specifically for playing crypto roulette.

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Cryptocurrency Roulette vs Regular Roulette: What's the difference?

Traditional roulette is played at a large table where a casino host will spin a ball around a wheel. When you bet on a color and the ball lands on this color, you walk away with some profit, but if it lands on a different color, you're out of luck. So what is different? 

Let's start with the obvious factor that you're not playing in person at a casino but rather playing online. You're also using cryptocurrency as chips instead of fiat currencies. But it's more than just these two obvious factors. 

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest draw to roulette was the fact that players knew they were getting (A) the lowest house edge (an average of 5.26%) as well as (B) the ability to trust that nobody was altering the results of the game. 

So crypto casinos run roulette at a similar house edge, but there are many games (such as Dice) that have house edges of just 1%. This takes away one of the main incentives of the game. 

Then when players play online, there is a large disconnect between the player and the game they're playing, which could take away that second incentive as now the player doesn't have reason to trust the gameplay. To combat this, a casino will do one of two things. 

  • Provably Fair Results: If you aren't aware of what provably fair is, then we suggest checking out our article explaining it. It's basically a system using blockchain technology to create the result of the game. This means the player has a "trustless" system with the casino and can know that the result of each game is 100% fair. And if the player feels otherwise, they can test it themselves. 

  • Live casino: A live casino provides the same system as a traditional casino. Although the player is playing online, they're watching a host spin the ball as they would in a real casino giving the same trustability and experience. 


  • GreatPlayers can play from anywhere around the world

  • Players can jump into a game within moments of signing up for their new websites

  • Provably fair results prove greater legitimacy than regular casinos

  • Deposit Bonuses, Rakeback, and loyalty programs make for greater profits


  • The experience can feel almost just as exciting, but it doesn't beat holding those chips in your hand and placing your bet

  • Requires a basic understanding of how crypto works as well as some technical knowledge in general

How to play crypto roulette

The process of finding the best crypto Roulette casino and starting your first game is fairly simple. I am not going into details on how to play roulette, as crypto roulette plays in an identical manner. But if you would like information on how to play Roulette, here's a great guide. The essentials are to place your bet on a color, and if the ball lands on your color, you win. Depending on the website and game, you may be able to bet on specific numbers, odd/evens, Hi-Lo etc, each with their own multipliers. You can also test out Roulette on

Step 1: Find the casino that suits your needs. As crypto casinos are fairly common, it's easy to find a crypto casino that can provide greater incentives and bonuses to you. Some of the basics you'll need to look into when finding a new crypto casino are:

  • Reputation: Does it have a community backing it, and is it licensed? 

  • KYC Requirements: Are they going to be too invasive on your account? What you do with your money is no one else's business. 

  • Bonuses: What sort of deposit bonus do they offer, and is it

  • Loyalty programs and Cashback offers: What do they provide to loyal customers, and can they compete with other casinos with their cashback offers? 

Step 2: Signing-up. Each casino will vary slightly, but signing up for a crypto-gambling website is generally the same. The user will need to fill in a username, email address, age, and password. Then they'll need to confirm this address. Some casinos make things easier by allowing users to simply sign in with their Metamask wallet or Google. These players will need to complete KYC at a later stage either way in most cases. 

Step 3: Deposit your cryptocurrency. Each casino will sort its own variety of cryptocurrency deposits. The majority of them accept BTC, ETH, LTC, and Doge. But some casinos like BC.Game will accept hundreds of tokens. 

Step 4: Find roulette and start playing. Most crypto casinos will include their own search functions to make things easier, and you can simply search "roulette". If you plan for the Live Casino experience, once you've tapped into the live casino, your tokens are usually converted to the USD fiat currency. As you win or lose, it automatically reduces and adds to your on-site balance. Live casinos are the best way to have the "true experience" but if you're looking for provably fair games, don't worry you won't be alone as most crypto casinos will include a live chat so that you can share your experiences. 

Step 5: Jump into the game and start betting!

Tips and tricks

There are a few strategies that can help you increase your win chances, but know that "the house always wins" is a true statement.  

  1. Rakeback: A casino that provides you with a greater Rakeback means they're technically offering you an even lower house edge. Search for a casino with great Rakeback and bonuses to turn the house edge into a profit. 

  2. The Martingale Strategy: The Martingale strategy means to double your bet every time you lose. You'll usually only place small bets, maybe a 10th of the size that you'll usually want to, but this time on every win, you'll remove all the losses. It's a great way to ensure slow growth in profits. But there is still a great risk of losing it all. 

  3. Reverse Martingale: As the name suggests, it's a reverse of the Martingale strategy. On every win, you double your bet, and you keep doing so until you reach a certain goal (let's say 5 wins in a row) This can be riskier but you're technically only risking that initial bet you placed, making for great multipliers when you do win. 

  4. The cover-up: Hitting the 0 is always exciting. When playing online roulette, it could be a 14x payout, 36x Payout, or 50x payout, depending on the size of the wheel. Basically you place your random bets on red and black, but you always add cover to the 0 with about 20% of the size of your color bets. 

  5. When you do win, you'll be glad you had your money there, but when you lose. It doesn't feel like that money is too far gone in comparison to your color bets. 

  6. James Bond: Basically, you watch the Roulette history on how many rounds have gone since the last 0 was drawn. If it's been 50-100 rounds since the last time the 0 was drawn, the chances of it being drawn soon are more likely. 

  7. Start betting on the 0 and gradually increase the bet per round lost. When you do win, you'll win big! It's an especially great strategy for high-rollers

  8. Walk away: When you're at a decent winning streak, learn to have self-control and walk away with your winnings.  It becomes so much easier to just want to play greater bets or you feel that you're striking more and more luck. But trust the numbers, not your gut. If you're on a winning streak, luck will eventually turn. So walk away. 

Where to play

Crypto roulette has a rich history in the crypto world, and it's one of the most popular game modes out there. With options for high-rollers and for somebody with a few bucks to play around with, it's a game mode for anybody. That being said, we've put together a list of the best Crypto roulette casinos to choose from. 

But don't trust us blindly. Jump into a game of online roulette and try it for yourself.

Bitcasino is easily one of the best crypto casinos for high-rollers. They don't offer any major deposit bonuses, but if you play enough on their website, you'll be invited to their VIP program, and you could have a ceilingless max bet for live casinos and certain crypto games, along with multiple other incentives that VIP programs provide. 

The casino has been around since 2013 and has one of the best reputations making it extremely trustable. They offer Rakeback percentages of up to 30% as well as alternative rewards. Join using our affiliate link today!


BC.Game is easily one of the best crypto casinos that have opened in the last few years. Their dark-themed website is extremely user-friendly, and they offer users an unforgettable experience. They have multiple provably fair roulette games to choose from, as well as multiple live casino tables. 

Players can place roulette bets with as little as $0.01 worth of crypto, and they allow users to deposit over 100 different cryptocurrencies. They include live chat systems, VIP programs, weekly tournaments, and thousands of games to choose from. 

Join BC.Game with our affiliate link and grab up to 4 separate deposit bonuses as well as hundreds of free spins. 

Gamdom is an ex-skin gambling casino that now works as a crypto casino. Their website is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing websites, and they offer a Rakeback of up to 60% making it one of the highest in the business. The Gamdom roulette game is 100% provably fair, and they have a great reputation for it. focuses on user experience, and one they do well that most other casinos don't get right is keeping users engaged in their live chat with consistent chatter and trivia running. As well as rain for active users only. 

Join today for free spins and 60% Rakeback rewards. 

Bitcoin Video Casino

Bitcoin Video Casino is an anonymous betting platform that only allows bets using Bitcoin as your currency. They don't require any KYC, and don't even need users to create an account to start betting. As a user opens the website, they're given a Bitcoin address and a few free credits to try games out first. If a user would like to leave the website, they'll need to save a "session token" so that they can access their funds again. 

To provide greater trustability with the player, they have a "0 confirmation" policy meaning that you don't even need to wait for your funds to be confirmed before you start playing. It can take just 10 seconds for funds to appear. 

While BitcoinVideoCasino does not offer users many incentives in the monetary sense, they do provide users with 100% anonymity. That is more than most of the internet will give today. 

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