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CryptoFights 2024 review: what's the hype about?

CryptoFights is a thrilling, turn-based strategy game with the play2earn metric thrown into it. The game has a fantastic storyline, where players can design their own characters and earn some CFS tokens. The blockchain-based technology allows CryptoFights to provide gamers with a unique experience. Unfortunately, it feels like the addition of crypto was an afterthought. 

Let's discuss whether CryptoFights is worth playing or not.


June 2022
CryptoFightS Token ($CFS), FYX NFTs, Character & Weapon NFTs
Game style
Strategy, PvP, Turn-based

What is

CryptoFights is one of the newest crypto games to turn eyes. The game's mechanics are simple enough for any RPG turn-based gamer to have a thrilling experience. Players can buy and create their own character NFTs, which they will use to fight against other players in a 1v1 battle. 

Using blockchain technology provides the opportunity for players to have security and protection over their in-game assets. The outcome of the fights comes down to player ability and skill. Although CryptoFights NFT levels do make a difference in battles. This gives both players an equal playing field to win the prize money and removes the Pay2win aspect.

Developed by Fyx Gaming Studios, they use the Kronoverse Software, which controls in-game tokenomics and blockchain connections and manages stored data. Fyx chose to use the BSV blockchain because of its fast TPS rates.

Each battle will be made up of one-on-one fights and is concluded when one of the player's energy points is depleted. With decent 3D graphics for a blockchain game, the fights are incredibly entertaining and keep you wanting more.

Players can make money by creating unique characters, crafting weapons and enchanting them for greater strength. CryptoFights players can also increase character levels to enhance their worth before selling them. CryptoFights also caters for those with a desire for competition. With an international leaderboard, you can make your way up the ladder to become a God Level fighter.

To ensure the battles are fair, fighters are kept within certain ELO-based game modes as they level up their characters. The stronger you get, the more game modes you can unlock and play. As you win battles, you will receive gold which can be used to upgrade your fighter.


  • Encourages fairness and removes Pay2Win metrics

  • Easy to get started, and understand the gameplay

  • Players have the freedom to design and create their own NFTs


  • A solid investment is necessary to earn more than a few cents

  • Much of the tokenomics feel like an afterthought added into the game

What is the CryptoFights Native Token?

The main token used in CryptoFights is the $FYX gaming token and $CFS. The Fyx token is used mainly to buy and sell in-game NFTs between players, and the CFS token is used as the game's basic token for fights, rewards, portal stagings, and NFT creation and weapon crafting. 

Currently, CFS tokens use the BSV as their basis, but there is mention of a future cross-chain bridge to ERC20 systems with Ethereum that will give them access to DeFi networks.

Ticker $Fyx
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Exchanges: PancakeSwap
  • Current price: $0.00073
Ticker $CFS
  • Supply: 500,000,000 (currently circulating=0)
  • Exchanges: PancakeSwap
  • Current price: $0.00048

Can I make money from CryptoFights?

Earning money while playing Crypto Fights can be done in a few ways, but all rely on the player's skills and understanding of the game. The better your skills, the more crypto you will earn. You can earn by battling monsters in dungeons or collecting loot. As you collect items, you can melt them down and craft them into more powerful items and then sell them on the CryptoFight marketplace.

Earnings are based on the rarity of the items you're using. You will receive a percentage of rewards based on unique, common and uncommon items. When you unlock the wagering arena, you can also earn through wagers. If you wager 200 CFS and your opponent does the same you should win 400 CSF in the end. 

That being said, if you become skilled in the gameplay, your earnings will be based on your fights against other players. Stake your tokens in a pool, and the winner of the battle walks away with all the winnings.

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