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The Best Crypto Games and How to Play Them!

May 3, 2024

With the rise of cryptocurrencies over the last few years, we have seen hundreds of cryptocurrency-focused online casinos. Although Bitcoin gambling has some sketchy origins, the decentralized system has grown into a lucrative and booming business where large corporation operate and create.

SatoshiDice was one of the very first casinos to offer crypto games, back in October 2010. Since then, the introduction of blockchain technology and “provably fair” games has completely revolutionized online gaming. However, not all of these games are lucrative. So, let’s take a look at some of the best crypto games to make money! 

We understand that finding the best crypto games to make money can be challenging. Login into a crypto casino for the first time and see a plethora of games, one needs to be sure of the games on offer and how they work. So, let’s dive deeper into some of the best crypto games currently on offer. Here’s our pick: 

Bitcoin Dice

The Dice game (also known as Bitcoin Dice) is the most played cryptocurrency-based gambling game, and many consider it the "purest form of gambling." It was created and popularized by one of the first online Bitcoin casinos, SatoshiDICE

Dice is easily the fairest casino game out there. Since the game's creation, it has always used a provably fair model, and the general house edge is only 1% (most other games take 3%+). While the game generally doesn't have the prettiest graphics, Bitcoin Dice is so popular because it allows players to determine exactly how they'd like to play the game. As a result, the player can change their chances of winning and use countless different strategies. Whether the player wants to double their funds in a single round or play the long game and hope to take a 98X payout, the game is in their hands. 

How does dice work?

Although the game mode will vary slightly according to the crypto casino you're using, the premise remains the same, and the game is generally simple to understand. Each round, the dice will roll a random number between 1–100. The player can use a slider or type in the odds of winning this round. Let's take a 50% win percentage, for example. The player can choose whether they think the dice will roll under 50 or above 49. 

  1.  Choose the number you predict that the dice will roll above or below.

  2. Place your bets and view your winning percentage and payout on the win.

  3. Roll the dice, and hopefully, take the profits!

Tips to beat BTC dice

As with any gambling game, there's no clear way to ensure you always win. However, there are strategies you can take.

  • The Martingale strategy is quite popular in the Dice game, as the house edge is so low. This strategy means the player must double their bet on every loss.

  • The long game is taking the lowest win chance percentage (1%) and placing tiny bets. Then, after about 100 rounds, if you still have not won, you can increase the stake slightly to ensure you keep the same profit margin. 

  • Grab some profits as you go instead of playing until you start losing. Each time you win, grab a percentage of the profits. This keeps your plays profitable when you're on a losing streak. 

  • Practice: You can practice the game for free


Hi-Lo is one of the most simple online crypto games out there and how grown in popularity over the last few years because of its simplicity. The game was played way before online casinos appeared and has ancient Chinese routes. 

It quickly attracted the attention of cryptocurrency casino players as casinos implemented the game with provably fair results. The typical house edge on a Hi-Lo game is about 3%.

How to play Hi-Lo

The game uses your typical playing cards, and the players must guess whether the next card played is higher or lower than the previous card. If the player guesses correctly, they receive a payout. 

What makes Hi-Lo unique is that the payout changes according to the previous round card (the Base Card). The payout system can be slightly complicated to figure out, but it's sensible. 

The higher the probability, the lesser the payout will be. If the base card is a 3, and you choose Hi, the payout will be extremely low, as the chances of pulling a higher number are much greater. The same applies to the opposite. If you are not interested in playing the base card, you can skip the round for new odds.

Some casinos will add game variations by using dice or just random numbers. But the premise behind Hi-Lo remains. 

Tips to beat Hi-Lo

Due to the nature of the game and the varying payouts, there are complicated methods users take to get the edge. However, you can always research some unique methods on Youtube. Here are some Hi-Lo Tips to start with:

  • If you're new to the game, it's important you get the hang of it first. However, the premise of the game is easy to understand. You can play Hi-Lo for free on

  • Because the payout varies according to the previous number, adjust each bet amount accordingly.


The Crash game is relatively new but has become extremely popular in recent years. It first gained popularity with Counter-Strike skin casinos. However, the majority of these casinos have turned into crypto casinos, and they've brought the game with them. 

The multiplier game works well for crypto-players as it resembles the crypto industry. It's a simple game where a player can grab an extremely small percentage of their funds, or 1000X. Each round is unique and, most importantly, provably fair. 

How to play Crash

Crash is a game of randomized multipliers. As a player places their bets, the crash game will start. Players will see a rocket or an arrow that starts moving in an upwards direction. The screen will also show a multiplier according to how far the arrow goes up. 

Players that have placed their bets before the start of the round will have the opportunity to remove their funds at any point while the multiplier grows. The catch is that the multiplier can "crash" at any moment. The players who have not grabbed their funds will lose them. 

While some crash games have grown up to 20,000X, other games end at 1.00X, in which all the players will lose their funds. So it can be stressful.

The whole process is simple. 

  1. Place a bet: the games are automatic. There are usually about 10 seconds between each round for players to place their bets.

  2. The multiplier starts: When the round begins, the multiplier starts running. The longer the game, the greater the multiplier.

  3. Cash out: Once you've reached the multiplier you were hoping for, you can tap "cash out." You can also set this to cash out once the multiplier hits a certain point automatically. 

  4. The multiplier crashes: At a random point, the multiplier will crash. Anybody who hasn't cashed out their bets will lose their funds. 

Tips to beat the crypto Crash game

Crash is a unique game, and the player has a lot of say in how they play. The game mode allows for an auto function so that the player does not need to place each bet manually. This opens doors to multiple strategies. 

  • The small bet, big payout method. One way to play crash is to set the auto function to a 1,000x or similar payout. You can place bets as low as $0.01 per bet and hope for a $10 win. You can even risk a 10,000x payout.

  • Big bet, small payout. Some players like to take low risks. With this method, the player will attempt to play with large bets but remove their funds at just 1.10x or similar. There is still a chance the multiplier will automatically crash. 

  • Track your bets and see what works. Adjust your gameplay accordingly. 

  • Practice: Practice playing Crash for free on TrustDice Casino.


Limbo is an exciting game of chance and strategy, that involves guessing whether the next number on your screen will be higher or lower than your prediction. The game is developed in-house by most crypto casinos, and there are some variants with a 1% house edge.

Limbo is essentially the perfect game for players who are searching for a big payout, as it has the potential to multiply a player's original stake by 1,000,000x!

How to play Limbo

Limbo is one of the easiest crypto games for beginners to master. The rules of the game are straightforward. Essentially, you will be wagering a bet on which number will appear on your screen next. Hopefully, the number you choose is lower or equal to the one on the screen. 

Similar to the Limbo party game, you’re objective is to go under the bar. The same applies here, you have to predict a lower number than that which appears on the screen. Guess it right, and you win! However, there are some other game mechanisms for playing crypto Limbo.

To play, you need to decide on a bet amount and select a multiplier. The Limbo multiplier influences the chances of you winning, the higher the multiplier the higher the reward. Although, a higher multiplier decreases the chances of winning.

If you set the target multiplier at 2X, your ‘Win Chance’ will be 49.5%. Overall, Limbo is a game of chance with a wide range of variances and possible outcomes. All that’s left to do is press the ‘bet’ option and see if the game odds are in your favor. 

Tips to beat Limbo

Limbo is a game of chance and the predicting the correct outcome involves a bit of luck. However, the game is unique in a sense that you get to set your odds. If you want higher odds of winning, it comes at the prices of a lower payout. The same applies for if you’re a big risk taker, you have to set the multiplier much higher. 

For the best chances of increasing your bankroll, here are some tips and strategies to beat Limbo:

  • Limbo bonuses: Crypto casinos are notorious for offering lucrative deposit bonuses and using these bonuses is like a cheat code of Limbo. Ultimately, you will recieve a few extra rounds on the house.

  • Start with small bets: Instead of betting the maximum amount, take some time to get the feel of the game and gradually increase your bets.

  • Provably fair: Limbo is often offered as an in-house game at crypto casinos and is generally provably fair. However, there are versions of the game that aren’t provably fair. To ensure the best chances of winning, only play provably fair versions of the game.

  • Demo mode: Many crypto casinos feature a demo mode of Limbo and essentially allow players to practise the game for free. Use the demo mode to practise a few rounds before playing for keeps.


Wheel is a thrilling crypto gambling game with a spin of possibilities. The game features on most crypto casinos and is usually developed in-house with a low house edge. Should the wheel spins in your favor, you could land the maximum payout of 49.50x bet.

How to play Wheel

Wheel is a great game for crypto gamblers to play and there’s not much to it. There are two main components to the game: the number of segments on the wheel and the risk. One of the first things you need to do is decide on the risk, choosing high, medium, or low. Additionally, you also have to decide on the number of segments to have on the wheel. The wheel can have up to 50 segments, with a minimum of 10.

At the bottom of the screen, the game will indicate the multipliers tied to each segment. The higher the risk and the more segments, the higher the potential payout for the player. After deciding on the logistics, place your bet and hope the wheel lands on your segment.

Tips for beating Wheel

The odds of winning at a crypto game like wheel are entirely dependant on the risks they choose. There aren’t many strategies or tips that will likely increase your odds of winning on wheel. However, there are a few tips professional players use to spin the wheel of firtune in their favor:

  • Use free spins: Most crypto casinos include a bunch of free spins as part of their welcoming bonus for new players. Using these free spins allows you to spin the wheel on the house and you might just win!

  • Be conscious of your bets: Wagering bets on a game of chance can be exciting and rewarding at the same time. Remain vigilant at all times and keep an eye on your bankroll.


Keno is one of the best crypto games for players with a liking for bingo and lottery. The game first gained popularity in the early 1840s with Chinese immigrants and later rose to fame in the 20th century under the name ‘Chinese Lottery’.

Players have to pick numbers from 1 to 40 and wait for a chance to win big. A player’s payout is determined by how many numbers marked on the player's card match the ones that have been drawn by the casino, with the possibility of the multiplier reaching x1000!

How to play Keno

Similar to bingo, there are 40 Keno cards in front of you and up to 11 multipliers below. You have to choose numbers 1 to 10 from the stack below, with the selected numbers highlighted in red.

When a player selects a number, a payout chart will then show the player’s potential winnings. The game’s randomizer determines your fate, and ten numbers are drawn. The more numbers you hit and guess right, the higher your winnings.

The whole process is rather simple:

  1. Set the bet: At the bottom of the game, there will be an option to set the size of the bet. Most versions of Keno offer a wide betting range. 

  2. Choose numbers: Secondly, you’ll need to select numbers from 1 to 10 numbers by clicking on them. Or click on the “Auto-pick” to have 10 numbers selected randomly by the game.

  3. Randomized numbers: Once you have decided on your winning numbers, click on "bet". The game will then randomly select 10 numbers and you will receive a payout based on how many numbers match the casinos.

Tips to beat the crypto Keno game

  • Parlay Method: If you win your first round of bets, increase the bet, if you lose, then decrease your bet by half.

  • D'Alembert method: If you lose, you should increase the bet amount and the number of cells in the next round.

  • The catch-up method: Select a few lucky numbers and repeat the bet until you get lucky.


Plinko is a 30-year-old game that debuted on a game show called "The Price Is Right." The game has quickly grown in popularity, and the opportunities have been improved to create a decent chance for the player, along with a fair house edge. If you're a Stranger Things fan, the Plinko game may look familiar!

How the Plinko casino game works

The Plinko game is reasonably simple to play but impossible to master! The player simply drops a chip. The chip will fall and bounce on multiple pegs. As the chip falls, it generally remains towards the center of the triangle shape, but there is a chance it will bounce towards the edges. 

At the bottom of the triangle, there are multiple slots. The middle of the triangle will have little to no payout. The further the chip falls away from the center of the triangle, the greater the multiplier. 

Players can usually choose between low, medium, and high-risk games. They can also select how many rows they want in the triangle. 

  1. Set your budget according to the strategy you want to play. Then place the bet. 

  2. Watch the chip drop. It will land in one of the slots at the bottom of the triangle. There is almost always a return, but it might be only a portion of what you've wagered. 

  3. Claim your funds. There's always a payout, though it could be a 0.2X payout.

Tips when playing Plinko:

  • Low Bet, High Reward. The high-risk game, with hundreds of chips dropped, is a common way to play Plinko. The player can place $0.10 chips and win up to 1000x in payouts. 

  • Gradually increase your bets. When you're on a losing streak while playing a low-risk or medium-risk game, increase your bets slowly. There is a greater chance for the tides to turn back. This is risky in the long run but could help remove the house edge. 

  • Play Plinko for free here to test out your strategies.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a straightforward and well-known game. It has routes back to the Roman Empire and was originally known as "Heads or Ships." Today, we use heads or tails. Coin flips are used in many sports as the probability of winning is as close to 50% as it can be. Many theorize that coins have a 50.5% chance of landing on heads. However, when it comes to online casinos, it's always a 50% chance. 

The Coin Flip casino game is unique because you can play against another player. The house will take between 2.5%-5% of each game. The Coin Flip game is extremely popular, but many crypto casinos do not offer this game mode. Degencoinflip and are the most famous crypto casinos that offer crypto coin flips.

How to play Coin Flip

There are two ways you can play Coin Flip. You can either verse another player in a 1v1 battle; both parties will need to agree on a bet amount. Or you can play against the casino directly.

  1. Select the player you'd like to play against, or set your bet amount, select heads or tails, and wait for an opponent. (The person who sets the bet chooses the side of the coin)

  2. Wait and watch as the coin will flip, and you hopefully see the better side of the coin. 

  3. Grab your funds or rematch. Most online casinos offer a rematch, where you double or replay the bet. The player who won the previous round will select the side of the coin. 

Tips to beating a Coin Flip

In reality, even in a game with only two outcomes, there is no ideal strategy to win consistently. Probability is often ironic.

  • Use the house edge to your advantage. For example, if the house edge is 5%, increase each bet by 10% on each loss. Of course, this method only works if you plan on playing a few hundred games, but it should ensure a slow profit margin. 

  • The martingale strategy is perfect for a game with a 50/50 win percentage. On every loss, you double your bet. You must ensure you have a decent amount of funds in your wallet to lose at least six rounds in a row. 


The crypto Mines casino game (also known as Minesweeper or Mines XY) is a game many of you may remember playing on Windows XP. The casinos have modified it slightly. Playing this game's crypto casino version works much more with unpredictable chances. Unlike the original Minesweeper game, users will have no indication of the bombs' location. The general house edge on the crypto Mines game is only 1% and many online casinos offer it as a Provably Fair game. 

How to play the Minesweeper crypto game

There are two main ways a casino will play Mines—the XY game and the typical grid-style game.  The XY versions will mean the player needs to play a round row by row and increase the stakes. You can select the grid size, which will change how the game is played.  Each X-axis row on the grid has one mine on it. Tap on the mine, and the game is over. Tap on an empty block, and you progress up the Y-axis. At any point, the player can collect their funds. 

The alternative method of Mines is to start a game with a grid size of your choosing. You can then select how many blocks in the grid will have a mine in it. The player can then freely choose the blocks they believe do not have a mine. Each block they select without the mine in it will have a certain payout. The further you play, the greater the payout. The player can collect their payment anytime and start a new game. 

Tips to beat Mines

  • Practice free play: While the Mines game is relatively straightforward, you need to learn how the payout and multipliers work. BGaming and Spribe offer a demo mode of the game. Please test it out before placing your real money down. 

  • Gradually increase bets on losses. This will mitigate the house edge on each bet, and after a few hundred games, you should be sitting in profit. 

Where to play

As I mentioned in the intro, many amazing casinos have been tried and proven. So here are five of the best crypto game casinos that offer the games mentioned above. They all include great bonuses and RTP promotions or anonymity.

  • Stake: Stake is one of the best crypto gambling sites to play roulette with crypto. The website sponsors the Everton Football Club, Drake, the rapper, and multiple other celebrities. They consistently offer major prize pools and promotions and have a $50K Giveaway every week. Stake also provides all players with a 200% deposit bonus up to $2,000. All the Stake Original games are provably fair. So give it a try!

  • Bitsler: If you're looking for an all-in-one casino that provides users with provably fair games, online sports betting, and amazing promotions, Bitsler is the place to be. Bitsler has been around since 2015 and has a large community. They have up to 35% Rakeback promotions, mega competitions, and almost every provably fair game we mentioned above. 

  • BC.Game: BC.Game is one of the most popular crypto casinos. They offer daily promotions, up to 360% with deposit matches, and have created their own BC.Original versions of all the above-mentioned provably fair games. Immerse yourself into the gaming world along with others with their live chat options. BC.Game provides an enjoyable and trustable experience. 

  • BitcoinVideoCasino: If you're looking for a simple and anonymous Bitcoin Casino, a great option is BitcoinVideoCasino. The website doesn't offer any sign-up bonuses but is one of the most well-known casinos for its pure anonymity. There are a total of seven BitcoinVideoCasino games, and they are provably fair. If you're looking to play the Dice game, this is the place to be.


What is the best crypto casino games?

There are thousands of crypto casino games available, ranging from Game Shows to Live Dealer games. However, provably fair games are by far the best crypto casino games for players. Above we’ve included a list of the best crypto casino games to make money. 

Which crypto games are provably fair?

The majority of crypto casinos have a dedicated section for provably fair games. You can generally find casinos provably fair games under their in-house games section. Popular provably crypto game titles are HiLo, Dice, Plinko, Mines, Goal, Crash, Wheel, Limbo, and others. 

How to manually verify provably fair games?

To manually verify a provably fair game, a player would have to obtain the seed values and server seeds used to determine the outcome of the bet. They can then recreate the bet’s outcome by using the same algorithm. 

Which crypto games have the highest RTP ?

Bitcoin Blackjack has the highest RTP percentage of all games. You can find Bitcoin Blackjack games with a 99.52% RTP.

How to see seeds on provably fair games?

The server seeds of a provably fair game are provided by the casino and a player can generally see a hashed version before making a bet.

Which crypto casino game has the lowest house edge?

Blackjack has the lowest house edge of 0.48%