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Best crypto gambling news outlets

October 21, 2022

Crypto gambling is surrounded by mystery. For a variety of reasons cryptocurrencies have been linked to shady business including drug dealing and money laundering. No matter how truthful the previous sentence is, because of the current situation, it can be difficult for potential crypto players to choose their sources of information. The crypto community can be of great help and is the best way to go but there are alternatives.

A few crypto gambling news and reviews outlets or universally established gambling influencers can enlighten the dark corners of playing with crypto. On iPlayCrypto, while we pride ourselves as members of this family, we also feel obliged to acknowledge great work. We have picked the most highly esteemed crypto gambling sites and how you can use them to your benefit.

Our method

To determine whether a source of information is credible or not, a variety of parameters must be taken into account as in most cases. Depending on the industry some variations occur but other never-ending values remain. In the case of crypto gambling news outlets we took into consideration popularity, size of database, industry’s acknowledgement, our checks and tests and the test of time. 

Starting from the last point, everything fades away with time. How long something manages to resist this powerful force defines its value and impact. Thus we started from examining when each information source first appeared. While many new entrants can provide credible and very useful insights, their value remains to be tested.

Secondly, there is the wisdom of the crowd theory suggesting that a large group of people or the majority of a group usually makes the right decision. The theory suggests that statistically when each individual decides he will make the correct decision for him. Consequently, a large group of people will have at least most of the right points. Recent political developments and people’s tendency to join and follow a pack do counter this theory however not its entirety. People make the right decision for themselves with the information they have available so in our case, a popular website must have some value.

The size of the database or in other words the amount of information and perhaps crypto casinos listed is a very important factor indicating this news outlet is credible enough to work with reputable brands. A relatively small size of database doesn’t nullify the value of a website but it diminishes its importance and impact.

The last and most important parameter we considered was our own judgement. We didn’t just weigh in the sum of each site but what we felt for each site. The design, way of writing, type of content available are among a few aspects.

Crypto gambling outlets


When one searches for the best bitcoin casino, BitcoinPlay ranks very high in your investigation. Thanks to its longevity, reliability and the connections it has, BitcoinPlay has managed to retain relationships with only the best crypto operators in the market. It is worth mentioning that thanks to its reliability it has established itself as whales' preferate outlet.

The crypto casinos available on the site are safe options to play with cryptos usually combined with generous welcome offers. In its homepage you will find the main list with hundreds of crypto and hybrid casinos alongside their main details. If interested to know there are extensive reviews to read and an exclusive YouTube video review. Naturally there is a very helpful knowledge base with tips to play online.


BitEdge is the temple of crypto sports betting. While there are available casino reviews for anyone interested, their betting content is amazing. They may not have many sportsbook reviews but they go deep. They make real life tests describing explicitly what happened and the tests are complemented by readers’ comments which are one of the best sources of information if you can filter them.

There you will find betting guides for basic terms like the bet types or for more difficult topics like arbitrage, trading or hedging. Moreover, BitEdge’s tool covers all the basic functions you will need. We were particularly impressed by the Glossary of terms and the available sportsbook selector.

Depending on the time of the year and the major sports event approaching, BitEdge dedicates an entire section of the website to this. This post was written in mid-late 2022 and with Qatar 2022 a few days away all the information we could think of was mentioned. Do sex bans improve performance? How has VAR affected betting? If you want to know more, you know where to go.


Unlike the aforementioned, CryptoManiaks doesn’t talk only about crypto gambling but the entire crypto universe and blockchain. Overall it’s a great place for anyone to learn about cryptocurrencies. Its experienced team of writers shares information about uncharted waters of investing or playing with cryptos, NFTs, DeFi and other crypto tools. 

Thanks to its geo-targeting features you can choose the country to which the website will adapt. When it comes to crypto casinos it offers some of the most lengthy review and collection pages you can find. If you like reading you will love it but if you don’t you will find the info tables more than enough to serve your needs.


99Bitcoins is the best place to educate yourself around cryptocurrencies. You can find numerous guides for buying bitcoin with various methods, for acquiring and using different types of wallets, how to trade coins or earn for free. All in all you can find guides and information which will help you get a clearer understanding of cryptocurrencies. That doesn't mean that gambling content is missing. It just isn't as important as elsewhere.

 A special mention must be made to 99Bitcoins’ YouTube channel. The majority of guides and articles posted on 99Bitcoins have also their video presenting a great alternative anyone of isn’t fond of reading. With over 700,000 subscribers it is evident the crypto community approves.


Bitcoinist as the name states presents everything that a bitcoin or other cryptos hodler can need. It is developed around cryptocurrency related news and technology. The menu is not only about cryptos and gaming but also tech, specifically blockchain, security and fintech. 

Its authority in the crypto world enables the Bitcoinist to partner with some of the biggest crypto brands including nexo, win-app, nexus, and a few handpicked casinos. In addition to that the administrators regularly post new articles about crypto gambling news and bonuses very often ensuring the information on the site is correct. In other words, the crypto casino or product suggestions you will find are checked a few times. 

Well-established gambling outlets

Crypto gambling is a very specific niche of playing online therefore potential players need to look for information at specialized outlets. Nevertheless, especially for issues related to reputation and problem solving, well-known gambling sites can be very effective.

Latest casino bonuses has been online for over fifteen years, has listed probably all the available online casinos of all types and has been voted a couple of times as the best casino affiliate. Nevertheless, a few years have passed since and for a while now it is more popular for its forum and comments section.

Often when players face a problem with their deposit, cashout or any other gambling related issue the first place they go is Casinos are aware of the importance the site’s rating has in the players community and rush to look into any issue closely, usually resolving it in the players’ favor. 

The homepage of the site displays a lot of information and links pages like complaints, bonuses, forum, banking, tournaments, news and casinos. You can also create a user’s account to receive regular information, updates and exclusive offers. However, design wise the website isn’t very user friendly and it will take you a bit to use it effectively.


Like, AskGamblers was launched in 2006 and to quote “main purpose is to provide current, objective, and accurate information, and guide its users towards a safe gaming experience” and it does so brilliantly. It’s a gambling affiliate site but it has more information than an encyclopedia in English, Italian, German, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. You will find their casinos, bonuses and games broken down per category and like has an active forum and complaints section where players’ share their experiences and thoughts.

Nonetheless, AskGamblers is best for the safety it provides. Players’ complaints are taken very seriously and do affect a casino’s rating but the research the website’s writers go through to rate them is thorough and a good rating casino is surely a safe place to play.


We gathered and presented the best crypto gambling news outlets but is that enough? As we did with our own research you must also collect all the necessary information and then make a call. Only you know what really matters to you and what will cater to your needs so don’t hesitate to try new sources.