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Why you can't cashout?

Georgios by Georgios · November 2, 2022

Not being able to cashout after a big jackpot is a complete turnoff. How did this happen? Often the players have been naughty but not always. Read all the causes and how to deal with them.

So you made a big win and you are looking to withdraw? What an amazing feeling! But the casino is declining your withdrawal? What a frustrating feeling! Let’s go through some of  the reasons the casino could possibly stop you from withdrawing.

Have you met the wagering requirements?

Every bonus, and deposit with some online casinos, has a wagering requirement which is put in place to prevent big money being withdrawn from the casino without limitations. This is to protect the online casino from not making any sort of return, it also gives you a goal to achieve, making that win just a little bit tastier. Most online casinos will have a “Bonus” page under your Account Information where you can check exactly how far you are in achieving your wagering requirements. This helps in making that goal achievable, and gives you a comprehensive view of how many more spins or hands you need to manoeuvre before getting your Big Ticket.

We do suggest before taking up any sort of bonus, whether it is free spins, a match bonus or even a comp from the VIP hosts, check the wagering requirements and determine if they are manageable. You also have the right to ask if there is a maximum withdrawal amount on the bonus you are receiving. Some casinos cap the withdrawable funds when using a specific bonus, even if you have made a deposit to receive that bonus. We have always looked, and still look, for ways around wagering requirements, and it’s simply not possible.

The easiest way to overcome the wagering requirement is trudging through them and clearing the bonus completely. Another handy hint here would be to check what the wagering contribution is for specific game types. Games of luck, like Slots or Scratch Cards will generally give a higher contribution than games of skill, Poker and Black Jack for example. 

Have you met all the wagering terms and conditions?

There are also certain terms and conditions within an online casino which would possibly prevent you from being able to withdraw. For example, in the EU you are not able to bet above €1 per round, and you can’t play on more than 4 tables at a time. These are very important when it comes to your withdrawal review and you can bet that the casino you are playing will go through your bets placed, games played and frequency with a fine-toothed comb and it would be wise for you to read through your casino’s terms and conditions.

Have you completed the Security Checks and Submitted your KYC documents?

So first things first, what is KYC? It stands for: Know Your Customer. It is a set of documents that the casino is required to ask for, as per the regulators. These documents prevent problem gambling, underage gambling, identity fraud, and of course, money laundering.

The usual requirements are:

  • A formal form of identification, such as Driver’s Licence, ID or Social Security card

  • Proof of address in the form of a utility bill or bank statement,

  • Proof of bank account, again a bank statement usually suffices.

Some casinos also verify email addresses and IP addresses on registration, which will not require any form of intervention from your side. There may be additional requirements from specific casinos, but you will be notified on withdrawal, so read through their withdrawal confirmation emails for more information.

Have you provided the correct withdrawal information to the casino?

There is nothing worse than having the casino coming back to you telling you your banking information, or your Crypto address is not correct! It really takes the excitement and steam away from your momentous win. Before you get a-spending, double check that everything is put in the correct blocks with the correct information.

Do you have a duplicate account?

It happens, there are so very many similar looking online casinos and it is not always possible to keep track of exactly who you have already registered with. Almost every single online casino will give you a “red flag” if you have more than 1 registered and played on account with them. This will undoubtedly cause delays and possibly declined withdrawals. We suggest you keep a digital notebook of where you have already created accounts and their basic credentials.

For security purposes, we don’t suggest you put your passwords in an obviously visible place, and there are other password protected applications you can use for these. Even a simple excel document can be password protected. If you are of the more old school family, a simple journal or notepad would work, if you keep it safely under wraps.

The reason casinos are opposed to players having duplicate or multiple accounts is to prevent welcome bonus abuse and they will inevitably ask you to close the others and keep one of the accounts open. It is at their discretion which account will remain open based on their specifications, so keep your hand on the pulse with these accounts. It is easier to only have 1 account open and stick to the casino’s rules than battle it out with their already strategically set up rules.

Are there daily/weekly/monthly withdrawal limits?

It has been seen on certain online casinos that there may be restrictions based on certain time frames. These limits have been known to change depending on Tier status as well, with limits increasing the closer players get to the casino’s VIP Tiers or Status. You can contact their Support Team, or take a scroll through the casinos terms and conditions for more thorough details regarding this. 

Has a time limit been set for your withdrawal?

Most online casinos allow you a pending period for your initial withdrawal. This gives you time to collect all the required documentation and ensure there aren’t any other outstanding requirements that they may have in their arsenal. Again, take a look through their terms and conditions as well as the withdrawal confirmation email you may have received to ensure that all checks and balances have been met. This will help with speeding up the withdrawal process, and show the casino you mean business.

Have you been using location altering software, such as VPN, on your casino account?

As there are many countries around the world where online gambling is frowned upon, using a VPN is a good work around to access some online casinos. However, when the casino starts reviewing your account and the specifics of your withdrawal, the VPN flag is a game ender. It will discredit all your other green check marks. It is better for you to find a good, reputable online casino which allows your country to play. The Crypto Currency casinos are more flexible with these requirements due to the anonymity understanding aspect of their setup, so take a look at that as an alternative option, but stick within their terms and conditions for a smoother withdrawal process.

In conclusion, we all want to win, and we all want our winnings quickly and easily, no fire hoops to jump through. Checking off the list above will help you get through this process easily and effectively. Use the terms and conditions as your arsenal not a deterrent. They are there to protect you as well as the casino, even though it might not look like it on first read. Don’t let these guidelines stop you from having a good time, they are not changed very often, so a quick read on registration will get you through. If all the aforemention fail, then you can only rely on the online gambling community in order to pressure the casino in releasing your winnings rather than persuading them.

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