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Telegram casinos: what, why, how and which?

Tristyn by Tristyn · November 29, 2022

The rapid pace at which technology is developing, keeping up to date with the latest trends in the world of online gambling can be tricky. One of the top developments we have seen in recent years is the expansion of cryptocurrencies, being widely accepted in most online casinos. This has certainly helped with the anonymity of purchases and withdrawals in gambling online. We have also seen live casinos skyrocket in popularity, which is going to get bigger in the near future with the current developments of Virtual Reality casino games on the horizon. Another major development we have come across is Telegram casinos gradually increasing.

Why use Telegram?

Telegram is an Instant Messaging app that is globally accessible. It is a free service which is cross-platform, encrypted and cloud-based which allows for safe, secure secret chat and calling. It has been around since the second half of 2013 and is getting stronger and stronger by the day. Telegram boasts a monthly update which guarantees the latest in secure software and anonymity. All you need is a valid phone number to verify your registration with, and an iOS or Android device to start up with. So why am I telling you about Telegram you ask? Well, with the recent development of online casinos and the need for more security and safety around gambling online, Telegram is the latest and greatest buffer to be created for all your online casino needs.

How does it work?

There are two ways that Online Casinos use Telegram for your benefit. Online casinos can create a Channel where they can showcase their latest promotions and benefits of their casinos. There are also various casino groups that you can join for community feedback about their casinos and interact with other players. You can share tips and tricks and learn other forms of gaming tactics that players have come across. We have found BC.Game’s Telegram channel to be very fun and insightful for their casino. Bitcoin Video Casino also has a great wealth of knowledge on their Telegram group and you can interact with their support team there as well.

The next way is what we are particularly interested in bringing to you today. This is one of 2024’s latest casino developments and it is quite niche still. It is called Telegram Casino and you play with the assistance of a comprehensive Bot. It comes with easy registration and authorization which allows for no waiting period between the moment you start wanting to play, and actually hitting that first bet. This type of casino allows for 24/7 gameplay and support from the top end game developers and of course, the most popular Cryptocurrencies are accepted in these casinos. You can register multiple accounts at once which allows you to withdraw and deposit easily and quickly. You will also have the option to switch between fun-play and real-play casinos which gives you the ability to test out some of the casinos before making that first deposit. 

Is it safe?

With anything new and popular in today’s climate, proceed with caution. It is fun and the response time is great. As it is quite a small subset of the market, it will be wise to do some investigations before jumping right in. There is always a possibility of running into scammers while looking for your Telegram Casino home. Keep an eye out for unusually big offers and extravagant unrealistic promises. The old saying of “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” plays quite a big role when sourcing these Telegram Casinos.

Telegram casino suggestions

Since this is an almost brand new option available to the industry, there are many developers offering their services to game providers but not many actual casinos to play on. But we have gone through a huge stack of channels, bots and groups and sifted out the best of the bunch available for you.

Casino Bot

This is exactly as it sounds. It is a Bot, as it should be, that prompts you to play with various options. Essentially, this Telegram casino offers provably fair games. Currently, there’s not a lot of clarity when it comes to text-based Telegram games and how the outcome is determined, so being provably fair is a huge bonus on its own. You’ll have the options of Roulette, Slots, Dice, Basketball, Darts, Bowling, Football, Mines, Cuefa (rock, paper, scissors), and Bonus Games.

Mega Dice

Mega Dice is considered the pioneer of Telegram casinos, being the world’s first fully licensed online casino that’s accessible through the Telegram app. On this platform, you’ll find thousands of Telegram games, including roulette, slots, blackjack, and others which are accessible through its Telegram games bot.

TRON Slots

TRON Slots is a one of the best Telegram casino for slots, dice and mines games. This Telegram games bot is equipped with an easy-to-use interface which allows new players to sign up within seconds. There is no welcome bonus at the casino, although it does make up with instant deposits and fast withdrawals


Stake is one of the most adored crypto casinos amongst crypto enthusiasts. The introduction of Telegram gaming bots has forced the platform to join forces and become a Telegram casino. This unique Telegram casino allows players to win bonuses, rewards and free spins through it’s daily challenges. Player’s can redeem these rewards by wagering on games at Stake Telegram casino.


This has a wide variety of Telegram games, with various sub-categories you can choose from. It is very comprehensive and the instructions to make a deposit and withdrawal are very simple. Their demo games are fully interactive as you would be playing in a standard online casino and I had a whale of a time playing their latest game, Ruby Hit. This Telegram casino has 14 different currency options, including BTC, XRP and even USDC, which was new for us to see online in this environment.


Once it gets into the hands of the bigger names in Online Gaming this form of crypto gambling is going to be huge! With all things good and worthwhile, some patience will be needed for it to go big, but we said the same thing about Cryptocurrencies in the 2010’s, right? Look where we are with that now, what a technological marvel which is only growing and improving day in day out. 

Telegram games are one of the most anticipated forms of Online Casino gaming for now. The idea of being able to play anonymously, through a fully encrypted platform using your mobile phone is what we have been patiently waiting for. It does have some work needed though, especially in terms of variety and availability but overall, we are very excited to see how this progresses over the next short while. Using the “traditional” form of Online Gaming through your favorite app or platform for the moment is best, but we strongly suggest dipping your toe in this pool and learning what Telegram casinos are all about.


Are Telegram casinos effective?

Yes, Telegram casinos are effective in the sense that it’s easier for a player to now access their favorite gambling platforms. Player’s can directly access the Telegram casino through its channel.

Can I gamble with crypto on Telegram casinos?

Yes, many Telegram casinos allow players to wager with cryptocurrency through their Telegram app.

Is it legal to gamble at Telegram casinos?

Yes, Telegram casinos operate legally and the majority of them are licensed. Mega Dice is regulated by the laws of Curaçao and is 100% legal to use.

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