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Type of games
Blackjack, Roulette, Slots
Game providers
Bitcoin Video Casino
Bitcoin Video Casino
Mobile appYes
Provably fair gamesYes


Deposit options
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • ZCash
  • Dash
Withdrawal options
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • ZCash
  • Dash
Min-Max deposit 0.001 - 100 BTC
Min-Max withdrawal 0.001 - 100 BTC
Cashout Time 10 minutes
KYC neededNo

Bitcoin Video Casino - The original crypto casino

The first crypto gambling platforms were dice and hi-lo sites where hodlers could gamble their coins easily and anonymously. Soon the first well equipped crypto casinos started making their presence known. Bitcoin Video Casino, launched in 2013, is one of those brands and in 2022 it remains a great crypto casino to play. Keep reading to find out why.

First impressions & account set up

When one first visits Bitcoin Video Casino it seems like any other brand. The available games and their lifetime winnings are easily found, so are the different coins, while to make a deposit, simply click on the footbar. On the header you can find the FAQ where the basics are explained, a detailed analysis regarding the provably fair games of the brand, a very interesting expected return table so players can see the payouts and prizes of each games making their lives easier. Then after the referral program which any player can use and you don't have to become an affiliate yourself, it's the crypto casino's API followed from the Android app and contact info. Overall, the available information is easily readable, and the vibrant colors used do not strain the eyes. Additionally, making deposits is a straightforward process.

The first time we visited Bitcoin Video Casino we tried to create an account and we found out there was no need. The account was created the moment we landed on the crypto casino page. As a real Pay N Play crypto casino, there is no need to create an account. The advantage of this is that it offers a very smooth game experience. You visit the casino, make the deposit, give it some minutes and you are ready to play. No email confirmation or KYC processes.

On the other hand, if you don't save the exact URL you used to first visit, lose your current balance and any balance you may have had there. That might seem alarming to some but it's really standard practice considering it's a pay n play crypto casino with no license. But if you do save the original URL you used you will be able to play with the same account as long as you don't mind receiving newsletters..


  • 100% anonymous

  • High limits

  • Very quick payments

  • Android app available

  • Established crypto casino


  • No sportsbook available

  • No license

  • Limited number of coins

  • No live chat support

  • Few games available


Aiming to discourage bonus hunters and to focus only on serious players, as they say, Bitcoin Video Casino offers no bonuses at all including no welcome bonus.


You won't find thousands of games from various providers on Bitcoin Video Casino but you will find what a real player needs; poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots and dice. The lifetime payouts of each of the games including their jackpots are shown before you start playing in order to make the most financially advisable choice.

As most original crypto casinos, Bitcoin Video Casino providers provably fair games so you can feel safe of not being cheated.

Coins & payment methods

As a pure crypto casino the only available payment methods are cryptocurrencies and specifically Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash and Dach. However, to change coins you will have to switch platforms meaning a new account will be created and as a result you aren't able to transfer balance from one account to the other. Unless of course you are willing to withdraw the balance, make the conversion yourself and then deposit but that will be too costly.

From any deposit or withdrawal, Bitcoin Video Casino charges 0.0001 BTC which is fair considering there is no wager or any other requirement.

Customer support

Being a genuine crypto casino has it's downsides. BitcoinVideoCasino offers only email support and no live chat. However, as with most crypto casinos that honour its reputation, its BitcoinTalk official thread is a great place to express potential complaints or issues you have. Their team is very responsive when they have to.

Country availability

As real pay n play crypto casino, BVC has no geo-restrictions and accepts players from literally anywhere including of course the US. In case you can't access the website because of local authorities' block, you can freely use a VPN. The casino has no policy against such practices and in fact it encourages it for certain territories.

Security and safety

Being an unregulated pay n play crypto casino results in what one could call "limited security". That means no licensing or any other government body checks the operations are legitimate. But as we have repeatedly mentioned on iPlayCrypto a piece of paper and a PO box in the Caribbean doesn't offer much more. The fact that Bitcoin Video Casino is still around and popular since 2013 speaks for itself. If the crypto community can trust it, you can too.

In order to satisfy more demanding players though and to meet the industry's standards, Bitcoin Video Casino's games are all provably fair so players can check for themselves if they are being cheated or not.

Community reputation

Even known brands like 888 or BWin can have a huge financial problem from a publicity failure. For an unlicensed casino, crypto or not, reputation is similar to life and death as if word comes out of scamming or not fairly treating players, it will be years before they see new players. Knowing this well, the Bitcoin Video Casino team focuses a lot on its reputation within the crypto community.

We were surprised to see how few negative comments were found. While there have been complaints with delayed deposits or withdrawals, the vast majority of those have been resolved and mainly via BitcoinTalk. Feel free to check the Bitcoin Video Casino's BitcoinTalk thread.

Alternative picks

Bitcoin Video Casino is one of the pioneer crypto casinos and still remains top for its category. However, since 2013 many new crypto casinos have been launched which can be compared to it. We handpicked our three favorites:

  • because it's also available to US-based players, holds no license either and in general the two brands have a lot in common. We recommend it thanks to its richer bonus offering and payment options.

  • can be considered the arch rival of Bitcoin Video Casino as both are among the first to appear and have a similar approach focusing on anonymity and ease of playing. While FreeBitco's casino offering isn't as rich as Bitcoin Video Casino's is, we recommend it for its faucet but mainly betting options.


Bitcoin Video Casino is a brand with a rich history behind it. However it's a special crypto casino which appeals to a very specific audience, real players as they like saying. So while we highly recommend it as it embodies what a genuine crypto casino should be like, do you have what it takes?

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