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DuckDice crypto casino

DuckDice has been online since 2016 and they are very proud of that fact. It is owned and run by Sabant B.V and holds a Curaçao license. It accepts 37 different Crypto coins and boasts that their most loyal players claim it to be the “Best Bitcoin Dice Game since 2016”. It offers Dice and Sportsbook at its casino.

Let’s take a waddle around and see if this crypto casino is worth all it’s quacked up to be.

From the moment you open up the casino, you are shown their passion for the Duck theme. It is a light and dark gray theme with orange, white and lighter grays as contrasts. It is a very fun theme, and it is well set up.

There are two main components to this casino, Dice and Sportsbook. It is a very basic casino, but the community chat is alive with messages spooling through, and the promotions look like a lot of fun as well. Let’s take a closer look.

Account Setup

To create an account at DuckDice, all you need is a username and email address. You can use Google, Apple, Telegram, Metamask, Tower, Discord, Walletconnect, Steam or Twitter to register as well. For the sake of this review, I am going to use the username and email address option.

Once you have registered into the casino you will receive an email to confirm your registration.


DuckDice only offers Dice and Sportsbook games to choose from. When I first started taking a look at this, I was concerned about the limited amount of games, but let me tell you, that Dice game is incredibly fun. I was glued to it for hours.

There are different variants of the Dice game, which we will go through here:


This is your standard dice game, you bet above or below a certain amount and the outcome determines whether you win or not. What makes it slightly different here at DuckDice is that the dice are egg shaped and it is themed incredibly well. You can change your bet amount to min, half or double. You can increase or decrease your win chance, by min, -5%, +5% or maximum.

You can also insert the amounts manually which allows you to control your spend and bet limits wisely. You can also play this same game using Faucet which allows for a different way to win. While you are wagering, you earn a token called “Decoy”. You can use this token to continue playing Dice, and then use the earned Decoy token to enter other game types, such as Decoy Pot and Decoy Token Staking.

There is also a Dice variant called Sniper. Here you enter a race to see who catches the target rolls between a certain target the most time. For every time you reach that target, you earn points which accumulate. The player with the most points wins the top prize. It has a prize pool of $50 and 50,000 Decoy tokens. There are also extra prizes and lucky draws amongst the other winners.


DuckDice offers a comprehensive Sportsbook with over 1000 sporting games to choose from. DuckDice have neatly set up categories for you to choose from:

  • Live Event List

  • Multi View

  • Calendar

  • Results

  • Bet History

  • Statistics

  • Live Score

You can choose from the below sports to bet on: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Virtual Sports (Football, Horse Racing and Greyhound), Esports (Dota 2, Counter-strike 2, League of Legends, Valorant, PUBG, Call of Duty, Honor of Kings, Age of Empire, Rainbow Six, Starcraft 2, Starcraft: Brood War), Ice Hockey, Table Tennis, Baseball, E-Football (FIFA, FIFA: Volta) American Football, E-Basketball (NBA), Handball, Water Polo, Futsal, Badminton, Aussie Rules, Boxing, Martial Arts, Golf, Chess, Politics and Others (Primetime Emmy Awards, Razzies).


  • Allows play using a VPN

  • Instant deposit and withdrawals


  • Long list of restricted countries

  • Limited amount of games to choose from

Coins and Payments

DuckDice offers depositing in 37 different Crypto Coins as well as Binance Pay, Bank Card, Kinguin, G2A, Skins, Voucher and Tronlink. The full list of Cryptocurrencies available are: BTC, XLMN, ATOM, ZEC, ZEN, USDT (ERC20, TRC20, BEP20, AVACX, Polygon), BCH, ETC, DOT, AAVE, LTC, BNB, EOS, RVN, UNI, LIN, DAI, XMR, SHIB, DOGE, TRX, USDC, SOL, FTM, TUSD, XRP, ADA, BTTC, AVAX, FDUSD, ETH, DASH, MATIC, NEAR, WBTC.

To make a deposit, all you need to do is click on “Wallet” which is a bright green button in the middle of the top of the page. Select the currency of your choice, I am using USDT - TRC20 for this review.

You will then need to either copy the address or scan the QR code in your wallet where you can select the amount. There is no minimum amount clearly stipulated in the Cashier. My deposit was available in my account within 1 minute of making the deposit. After numerous rounds of tinkering with the game mechanics - I played Dice only - I was able to process a withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount for the currency I was playing in, USDT - TRC20 - is $20. In order to process the withdrawal, all you need to do is simply click on “Wallet” and choose “Withdraw” and insert your information as required.

My withdrawal took a total of 2 minutes to arrive in my wallet which was an absolutely lovely experience. There were no questions asked, easy as pie!


DuckDice may only have 2 gaming styles, but their promotional offerings are generous and keep you chasing for the next one.

Welcome bonus

Deposit $10 and get a 100% match bonus up to $500. Wagering requirement is 30 times the deposit + bonus received. The maximum withdrawal is 1.5 times the deposit + bonus amount received. This bonus changes regularly so keep an eye out for this

Monthly Event

Every month there is a rotational promotion run where you can win certain prizes. You can win deposit bonuses for Dice and cash back rewards for Sports. The prize pool is $5,000 or 250 000 Decoy tokens.

Daily Sniper Race

To join this, you will need to sign up, it is not automatically accessible. With this promotion you will need to play Dice and hit between the preselected target range. For every time you hit that target, you accumulate points and move up the leaderboard. There is a $50 prize pool with lucky draws and bonus prizes while playing.


While in play, you earn Decoy Tokens which are used for staking. Your balance is locked for 180 days and regenerates in that time, until it is released and yours to play with. It is also recommended that the higher your bets placed, the bigger the mining income you will receive.


This Crypto Casino offers free Decoy tokens every day in the form of Airdrops. You simply need to accept the Airdrop, complete the task and you will receive the rewards as stated.

Lottery Ticket

For just $0.10 you can buy a ticket to a weekly draw, at 15:00 on Mondays. The prize pool for the lottery is rather generous:

  • 5 numbers + jackpot ball gives you $100,000

  • 5 numbers gives you $3,000 plus 100 tickets in the next draw

  • 4 numbers gives you $20 plus 20 tickets in the next draw

  • 3 numbers gives you $1 plus 1 ticket into the next draw

  • 2 numbers gives you 1 ticket into the next draw

And even if you get no numbers, you will get a free ticket into the next draw.

There is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase into the lottery and you can do manual or automatic number selecting. The winnings are automatically paid out in BTC, so be sure to check all wallets available for the winning balance.


While playing Dice, if you happen to hit 7777 you with the Jackpot of 1.41215191 BTC (at the time of writing this review).


Keep an eye on the community chat as every now and then a Duck will fly past and you will be able to shoot them for a prize. As you progress through your loyalty tiers, your weapons and ammo increase giving you higher chances to hit the ducks as they fly past.


DuckDice has a novel loyalty perk which is called “Awards”. These are badges you receive for certain achievements. You don’t see this very often with crypto casinos, but it is a great way to build loyalty and inflate your status with the community chat.

Some of the awards on offer are:

  • Luck Is My Superpower” is awarded to players who win with a 0.01% chance setting when playing Dice.

  • Money From Nothing” is awarded to players who complete at least one successful Faucet cashout. 

  • Walkie-Talkie” is awarded to players who chat in the community chat the most frequently, and in a friendly manner. 

  • The Great Elder” is for players who have been playing with DuckDice for 4 years or longer.

When you see the award, you also see a count of how many other players have the same award making it a competitive task to knock other players off the pedestal when they are the only holder of the award.

Loyalty/VIP Program

DuckDice has a 10 tiered loyalty program which allows you to increase your firearms for the Duck Hunt, receive additional bonuses, such as faucets, lottery tickets, user rains, bot rains, etc. Let’s take a waddle through the ranks:

This runs from level 0 - 9
  • Runs from level 10 - 19
  • You can upgrade your firearm at level 10 and then level 15
  • Runs from level 20 - 29
  • You can upgrade your firearm at level 20
  • You can upgrade your ducks at level 21
Runs from level 30 - 39
Runs from level 40 - 49
Runs from level 50 - 59
Runs from level 60 - 69
Runs from level 70 - 79
Grand Elite
Runs from level 80 - 89
Runs from level 90 - 99

With all level upgrades, you receive different deposit bonuses, Competitive bonuses, decoy token bonuses and additional lottery tickets, which allows you to continue playing at this crypto casino passively.

Customer Support

DuckDice offers Live Chat and email support. There is a community chat available for you to use at your discretion, it is unlikely you will receive exactly correct information relating to casino specifics from the community, but it is real fun talking to and connecting with people who share the same passion as you do. DuckDice also has a community forum on Bitcointalk, as well as a X (Twitter), Facebook, Telegram and Discord channel.

Geos and Languages

DuckDice is only available in English, and there is quite a hefty list of countries that are not allowed to play: Australia, Belarus, Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Saint Martin, Saba, Sint Eustatius), France, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States.

After some extensive research I was able to find out, you are able to play with a VPN, and if you stick to the same country, and only play with Crypto coins, you will be able to play from these restricted countries.

Platform Compatibility

The website is easy to navigate when using Google Chrome to play on, no glitches, no complications. Moving over to mobile, we find the exact same. It does take a little while to load the Sportsbook on the first log with mobile, but once it’s loaded up, you are able to play as easily as you would on your PC.

Website Response Time

Since the site is really simplistic with only 2 styles of gaming to play, the response time is really great, easy to navigate and fun to look at. While running the crypto site through our trusted response time analyzer, it agreed! It gave it the highest rating possible noting that the images are not sized exactly as they’d like them, but overall, great response time.

Security and Community reputation

Overall the community is over the moon with DuckDice. The provably fair offerings, community chat and speedy deposits and withdrawals are highlighted as some of the best available online for crypto casinos. There are a few posts on Bitcointalk surrounding a scam bonus allegation from 2018, which was swiftly dealt with and is still publicly available for discussion which shows that DuckDice are not hiding any information away from the public and are confident in their product.

When it comes to security on DuckDice, I raised my eyebrow more than once. On registration, all you need is a username and email address. Later in your game play is a password and 2FA recommended. I found this particularly curious, especially for a crypto casino that has been online for as long as it has been.


If you are looking for a casino with a wider variety of games, but still a fun and aesthetically pleasing look and feel as DuckDice, we suggest you try out:

  • Pin-up Casino: With over 1000 games to choose from, and hybrid depositing options, you are sure to have a good time at this 50’s style casino.

  • Yoju Casino: Here you are thrown into a different world with fun characters called Yojies who provide you with an entertaining time while choosing one of over 6000 games to play on.


DuckDice was more fun that I could ever have imagined. With Dice and Sportsbook to choose from, my immediate reaction was “oh, how boring” but boy was I proved incorrect. The community chat is friendly and entertaining. The promotions are enticing and keep you coming back for more, or for the next available Duck hunt. I spent much more time playing here than I ever thought I would and that is all down to the really fun layout, the cleverly named loyalty tiers, the gripping Dice game with its different settings and capabilities.

This might not be my future “go-to” casino, but I absolutely recommend giving DuckDice a shot.


Is DuckDice safe?

It holds a Curaçao license, making it safe in terms of legislation. When it comes to account safety, it could be a bit more proactive. All you need is a username and email address to register. Only after a few wagers is 2FA and a password recommended. 

Are deposits/withdrawals on DuckDice easy?

Incredibly easy! Deposits take 1 minute to appear, and withdrawals only 2.

Who owns DuckDice?

DuckDice is owned by Sabant B.V who are based in Curaçao, with joint operations Defraya Ltd who are based in Cyprus.

Where can I play DuckDice from?

Since DuckDice is a licensed casino, which allows for VPN usage, it is recommended you play from countries such as Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Greece or any of the South American countries.

Which Crypto coins are accepted at DuckDice?

DuckDice offers a large variety of coins available to deposit and withdraw with.

Here are the top 5: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, DOGE

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