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Scam casinos and what to avoid

Georgios by Georgios · July 31, 2022

You probably already know that the internet isn’t exactly the safest place. Scams and frauds are already a daily thing out here, and unfortunately, many online casinos are more than happy to engage in a bit of defrauding here and there. Let's have a look at some of these scams and see if we can find some of the safe casinos left out there.

Common scams and things to avoid

Flagrant theft

Some fraudulent Bitcoin casinos aren’t very shy with their scams. In fact, a large chunk of their business is finding new victims to deposit at their website. To put it simply, these casinos just straight-up steal from their players.

You can get robbed by these casinos in a bunch of ways, they can simply find an excuse not to pay you your hard-won money, they could claim you’ve breached their terms and have therefore forfeited your money. Sometimes they don’t even bother giving you a reason for withholding your money. That's why you should never deposit coins in any operator you haven't read about.

Personal information theft

Personal information is so valuable that several scam casinos have come up with new and unique ways to harvest that data. More often than not you need to input some level of personal information when gambling in an online casino. Like your banking information for example, these scam casinos will just yoink that information once you put it in and drain your bank account.

Another huge problem is identity theft; scam casinos find different ways to get you to give up your private information. Like locking your account and demanding you upload private documents to unlock it.

If anonymity is important to you, we recommend using VPN connection to protect your IP and then opt for a no account verification casino.

Rigged and pirated games

If these scam casinos don’t steal your money the old-fashioned way, there are still a few underhanded methods up their sleeves, like letting their rigged games do all the stealing for them. Even for experienced players, identifying rigged games can be extremely difficult to do before falling victim to them. Some particularly greedy operators rig their online games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and craps to give the house a much larger advantage over the players.

An easy way to avoid such problems is by betting only on crypto casinos with provably fair games available.

No customer service

You might be thinking, if I feel like I’m getting scammed why don’t I just call customer care? Well, that’s how some of these scam casinos get you. Either you’re faced with unresponsive and incredibly unhelpful customer care, or no customer care at all.

If you find yourself facing a problem, like an inability to withdraw money perhaps, you’re fresh out of luck. Before you deposit a single cent, be sure to hop on over to that customer care tab and check it out.

Past famous scams

Certain Casinos have been caught red-handed trying to pull a fast one on their players, and have been rightfully blacklisted for it. Some of these scams include:

CyberRock Entertainment’s notorious practices

This online casino was blacklisted for its cash-out delays, nonpayment, and strange terms and conditions. The terms for its bonuses heavily stifled the amount players could win, and even if you managed to win big, you’d have a difficult time getting the money out. 

Pelican Casino caught using fake versions of games

An investigation uncovered that had been offering fake versions of slot games from at least 11 software providers, including top brands like NetEnt and Microgaming. The majority of the games in question looked legit and they had very convincing user interfaces, However, it wasn’t until the source code was reviewed that the truth was uncovered. Which just goes to show how underhanded this is. breaks every rule in the book

This just might be the worst crypto casino you could put your money in. It does everything wrong including unfair terms and conditions, unfair maximum win rules, fake games, It operates without a license, and to top it all off this casino also has the nasty habit of confiscating money from dormant accounts.

Avoiding scam casinos

Check out the user reviews

One major way to spot a scam casino is by checking out the reviews as it's not unusual for the review sites to be either in on the scam or not doing a good job. But let me tell you, nobody is more brutally honest than a customer who just got scammed, that's why you want the user reviews.

Head over to a site like and hear what the customers have to say about the casino. If they have a poor rating and plenty of people calling it a scam, then you just saved yourself some heartache. And remember if you see this notification on Trustpilot

The reviews are probably fake and you’re better off finding a different casino.

Evaluate the terms and conditions

I know what you’re thinking, who even reads terms and conditions? Well, you better start. If you’re putting your money on the line you need to go find that T&C tab and read it.

Not every part of the document is necessary to thoroughly examine; however, Just look out for the important bits, like deposits, bonuses, withdrawal limits and wagering requirements. If the terms look predatory to you, that’s your cue to leave.

Avoid any casino with an insecure connection

If you head over to a website and your browser shows you anything like this;

Leave immediately, the last thing you want to do is input any sensitive private information on there. This sign doesn’t necessarily mean there's malware on the site, but any information sent or received with that page is unprotected and it could potentially be stolen by attackers or hackers.

Safe suggestions

Don't fret there are still a few safe casinos out there where you won’t get terribly scammed.


With over 3000+ games for players, including 16 unique games from the provider, many crypto games available, and with more than 15 crypto methods for making deposits and withdrawals,  Bitsler is already an easy sell, the customer-friendly support is just the icing.


On top of offering a good variety of games, Stake also provides 24/7 live chat support and anonymity. It’s also provably fair and it is regulated by the Curaçao Egaming authority, under the Curaçao government. 


Established in 2014, one of the pioneers of crypto casinos and probably the best sportsbook thanks to its odds and VIP offers, Cloudbet is a safe and established crypto alternative for players who want a quick and interface and high limits. In other words, the perfect casino for whales.

Now go out there and remember to do your research before even clicking a link to any online gambling sites, nobody likes getting scammed after all.

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