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TikTok gambling influencers you must follow

Georgios by Georgios · December 16, 2022

The online gambling industry has been trending globally for a while. And with the rising influence of technology, several additions were made to the market over the years. One of the prime examples is casino promotion on social media platforms like TikTok. Influencers have actively taken to the short video-making platform to share useful gambling hacks.

If you are interested in crypto gambling, you can benefit from these tips. From how to familiarise yourself with gambling basics to learning about cryptocurrencies, TikTok influencers regularly share informational content. And if you aren’t using TikTok, we strongly recommend checking out the relevant channels for the latest updates.

How TikTok started with gambling

TikTok influencers have been sharing useful casino content for a while, and their popularity has grown considerably over the years. As more people begin to use social media, they are slowly getting accustomed to online gambling through regular promotions. Crypto betting is inherently more interesting than traditional gambling practices. And as cryptocurrencies become more popular in the mass market, the demand for crypto gambling will also increase.

There are several perks to crypto gambling, as evident from the TikTok videos. TikTok casino parties will also benefit novice gamblers. For instance, if you’ve never witnessed crypto gambling before, follow the top TikTok influencers to learn everything there is to know about betting online with digital tokens. You will find the list of the top influencers on Google. 

How it can be (and is) used for gambling

Crypto gambling on TikTok has a bunch of benefits for the players. For starters, cryptocurrencies are discreet and offer greater privacy than fiat currencies. Since they are based on a decentralised platform, cryptocurrencies don’t rely on a central authority to monitor transactions. Instead, all transaction records are stored publicly on the blockchain, and the details are readily available.

TikTok influencers create detailed videos on how to set up your crypto account, find the top crypto casinos, and sign up on the best platforms. Explore the platform in detail before signing up for your first crypto-gambling experience. Some influencers share detailed reviews of the top gambling platforms, and how to find the best operators. Follow these videos to learn the ropes and start your crypto gambling journey.

Crypto gambling is pretty straightforward. All you need is a crypto wallet to sign up for the top crypto casinos. The process is quite similar to that of traditional online casinos, except that you can use cryptocurrencies for all transactions. The top casinos accept a range of cryptocurrencies. So, whether you prefer Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Ripple, or Dogecoin, you can sign up without a hitch.

The most popular gambling influencers on TikTok

If you’re new to TikTok, these are the top casino, slots, and poker accounts to follow. Check them out and decide for yourselves!

Barstool Gambling

Barstool Gambling started as a print medium in Massachusetts, focusing on fantasy football and gambling advertisements. However, it quickly became a runaway hit with the audience and is now part of pop culture. The creators make comedic and entertaining content about sports betting and table games and have garnered over 590 followers.

Brian Christopher Slots

A lovable slots connoisseur, Brian Christopher, has made his name on TikTok by filming himself successfully spinning the reels. Apart from TikTok, he has 500,000+ subscribers on YouTube. And what sets him apart from the rest is his comic relief and apt audio effects.

Lady Luck HQ

Lady Luck HQ is operated by Francine and Miran. The channel focuses on spinning the reels, and they draw in millions of views with their high-rolling style and huge wins. If you are new to gambling, we strongly recommend checking out this channel for inspiration.


Another relatable and down-to-earth gambling content creator on TikTok, a veteran croupier operates CasinoFanatic78. If you want to know about the insides of casino operations, this is the channel to follow. The creator often talks about the realities of winning with a sense of humour.

World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour rose to fame in 2002 after broadcasting the biggest poker tournament on TV. The TikTok channel shows snippets from over the years. And if you enjoy tense moments, we strongly recommend following this channel.

How do crypto casinos operate?

There are two primary types of blockchain casinos – crypto casinos and hybrid casinos. While the former accepts only cryptocurrencies, the latter accepts both fiat and crypto tokens. You must analyse your requirements before choosing either one. Signing up for crypto casinos has its perks, as you can enjoy the perks of crypto gambling. However, your payment options are solely limited to cryptocurrencies.

Signing up for hybrid casinos, on the other hand, gives you the option of moving between fiat and cryptocurrencies as you see fit. Both casino types offer several fantastic features if you can find a reliable operator. So, the challenge is to find and compare the top casino sites online before taking your pick. Online casinos generally host a range of popular games, including video poker, table games, and live dealer games.

To begin crypto gambling, you need a crypto wallet. If you don’t have a crypto account, visit any of the top operators and register online. Once that is in order, use the credentials to sign up for your preferred online casino. Follow the instructions to create your casino account, make an initial deposit, and claim the welcome bonus before trying your hands on your favourite casino game.

Why crypto casinos are the future of online gambling

There are several reasons why crypto gambling is the future of online casinos. Let’s walk you through the primary reasons.

Crypto gambling can be anonymous

Most online gamblers would love to gamble discreetly. However, that is easier said than done thanks to the traditional setup. However, with cryptocurrencies in the mix, a new level of anonymity can easily be reached. Crypto transactions are private and do not need to be scrutinised by a central authority. Hence, there is no way to alter a transaction once it is complete. This unlocks an additional level of anonymity.

Variable payment options

The top crypto casinos accept all the popular digital tokens. So, whether you prefer using Bitcoin or Dogecoin, Ripple or Tether, you can transact using any of your crypto wallets. Modern casinos also accept all the top fiat currencies. So, whether you want to use traditional payment methods like bank transfers, debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, etc., to convert into crypto, the casino can sort it out for you.

Instant transactions

Since crypto payments don’t pass through multiple security clearances, they are processed much quicker. You can deposit and withdraw funds from your crypto account within minutes. This eliminates the most infuriating part of online gambling, i.e., waiting for the fund transfer. Furthermore, since your crypto account is encrypted, you only need to use one security key to process every transaction. Thus, saving you the hassles of using traditional currencies.

Cutting-edge security

Online casinos have been plagued with several security flaws over the years. And while the best casinos follow all the necessary steps to keep the players safe, hackers also get smarter over time. Crypto casinos eliminate the risk of phishing and hacking considerably since they use blockchains to store information publicly. The only way to access the credentials is through the encrypted key. Unfortunately, even then, a transaction cannot be altered or reversed. Crypto users must therefore proceed with extreme caution before confirming payment, as a completed transaction is permanently etched into the records.

Provably Fair games

Crypto casino games are provably fair as they use random number generators to come up with unique results every time. Elite casinos must get their games verified by independent authorities frequently to retain their gambling licences. Hence, you can be certain that a casino is provably fair by simply vetting the certificates.


As crypto casinos continue to get popular, new operators are popping up every day. It’s getting increasingly difficult to find and compare the top deals and offers. TikTok influencers are playing a crucial role in shortlisting the best casinos and bringing you the most reliable options. So, if you haven’t checked out the best crypto reviews on TikTok, we strongly recommend following the most popular influencers today!

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