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The best crypto casino apps

Mobile casino apps have facilitated gamblers' life incredibly as gambling became more accessible but in the meantime safer as only licensed casinos are able to have their apps available for Android or iOS. We analyze the available types of downloadable casinos, using apps or not, and the best picks for you.

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Types of downloadable casinos

As technology develops and grows in our day-to-today lives, the convenience of apps is becoming more important. Instead of having to boot up the laptop or desktop, you can easily open up the app while on the train heading to the in-laws, or while waiting in the doctor’s room or even when on a break at the office, what better way to switch off than to hit a few spins or win a few spare cents for the up and coming festive season. It is easier and more private to have your casino on your mobile phone which is securely on your person instead of in the grubby paws of that teenager at home with no boundaries who just whips open the laptop and snoops through everything they see, right? It is also more reputable for an online casino to have a downloadable app. It is not a well known fact, but in order to get an app launched on Android or iOS stores, the apps need to go through multiple checks and tests before they are made viable for the stores to launch them. This definitely helps with the legitimacy of the casino knowing it has been given the green light by these big names in technology.

There are other types of Downloadable casinos of course, Web Apps are a new trend coming up in the online world. This is when you have an icon on your mobile phone and it routes you directly to the casino webpage through what looks and feels like an app. These are not as well regulated, with ratings and such, but are still good in dealing with the credibility of the online casino. There are also the Windows downloadable variety available which allows you to download the casino to the desktop of your Windows machine, being a laptop or a desktop, but these aren’t our favourites. We want Mobile! They are definitely noteworthy as a playing option though, for our members who prefer to play this way.

We have hunted high and low for downloadable apps, web apps and these Windows downloadable casinos for your convenience. We have taken a look at which we find to be the best, without looking at the ratings in the respective app stores as we find those can be biassed at times and the best way to find out is by looking at them ourselves. Below you will find the top crypto casinos we have located and enjoyed.

Mobile downloadable casinos

These are apps that are downloadable using the app store, or you can even find them in the apk version. There more than likely will be a link on the website or customer support will be able to point you in the direction of where and how to download the app onto your Android or Apple phones.


This casino is such a great all rounder - it has slots, table games, sports betting and accepts multiple Cryptocurrency and Fiat depositing methods. They have great, comprehensive usable downloadable apps on both Android and iOS. They boast a $4500 welcome bonus when depositing using BTC.


This is nearing my ultimate online casino. We recently wrote about their brilliant games, nwo they have an app too! Remarkable! They have a wide array of games and sports betting and accept ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, and accept CryptoCurrencies and can all be done right on the app. BC hosts a group of unique casino games which also keep drawing me back as they truly are unique in their look and feel. Their welcome bonuses are also simple and easy to understand with the first deposit being up to 180% the second being up to 200% and the third 220% and they increase incrementally with the more deposits you make. 

Bitcoin Video Casino

Quite a retro feel to it, takes you back to the 90’s with its simplicity. It also has an additional layer of anonymity by only having to register once you make your first deposit and withdraw. It is a very basic casino with no sport betting available as an option, and only 1 version of each type of game, but it won’t take long for you to fall in love with this simplicity.

Megapari Casino

This is one of the better looking downloadable casinos in its sleek and clean design. Very user friendly and has a large variety of casino games, sports betting, live dealers and 22 different Cryptocurrencies are accepted. Their welcome bonus is a cool 100% match bonus when you are playing on the Sportsbook, and the casino welcome bonus has a match bonus with free spins which is always a fun combination to start with. It gives you an opportunity to explore more in the casino before diving in deep.

Windows downloadable casinos

These are apps that you can load from the icon set up on your desktop. These are secured with a password log in prompt. They give you a good all round feel of the casino and how it runs. There is also an access point to customer support which helps if you need any help at any time.

Red Dog Casino

An old favourite offering all the fun games you see when you simply google online casinos. They have a windows downloadable version, if you are feeling a bit old school and want to play on your windows laptop or desktop - just remember to keep your username and password hidden if you don’t want snooping to occur. 

ComicPlay Casino

This casino has a good take on "if Marvel or DC had to create a casino". The look and feel is as if it’s an interactive comic book. There is no sports betting at this casino, but there is Live Dealer. BTC, LTC and ETH are accepted in the Cashier with the traditional Fiat options.

Web app casinos

This type of casino download mimics the web version of the casino. The same look and feel of the casino with the same functionality, but easily accessible through the icon saved on your phone.

This boasts a very 21st century look and feel and straight up tells you that if you exclusively use Cryptocurrencies, no KYC is requested, which makes for a good pull. They have Slots, Love Casino, Table Games, Sportsbook, Sports Live and accept 6 of the top Cryptocurrencies available. The only downfall with this big guy is that you have to join their Telegram handle in order to get the web app link, which if you don’t have Telegram already downloaded would make for extra effort. Fun thing about their Telegram handle is they do post the latest promotions which is always a good way to keep engaged. offers a clean, easy to use app which you can access easily by tapping on the web app icon on your phone. It is a very simple looking app but boasts a "Fun, Fast and Fair" array of games. They have live dealers and 3248 casino style games. Their Sportsbook and sportsbetting games are through a different link which takes you away from the main page, but they have a good variety of Sportbook for you to choose from. They accept 10 different Cryptocurrencies alongside Fiat options. 

Final thoughts

There are all types and styles of casinos out there, how you play and when you play is entirely up to you. You have more options now than we could ever have imagined, different styles, formats, depositing methods and you have no need or want to look further than your phone or the comfort of your own home computer. We do always suggest keeping your information safe and to always give casinos a spin using “Fun” money, if this option is available, first before jumping right in.

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